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Building casement windows requires experience

Building casement windows requires experience. In particular, the final alignment of the frame and the precise assembly of the sash in the frame require technical support. Although off-the-shelf kits make it easier to assemble, they are relatively expensive.

Building casement windows

Specific planning

When designing a window, the first consideration is the structural conditions. The installation of casement windows must have a minimum wall thickness, as the window frame needs a contact surface of 10 to 15 cm wide.

To the list of window purchases, some property-specific accessories and components for casement windows must be added.

Accessories for casement windows Accessories for casement windows

Fittings, window handles on the exterior window to match the depth

Ventilation seals or profiles for exterior windows

Orientation of the hinge opening of the window sash

Architectural foam or composite wall-filling

casement windows sealing strips

Variable combination options

The type of construction of casement windows allows for many possible variations in material selection and component composition. Therefore, there may be variation in the cost-effectiveness calculation of materials.

The inner window can be single or double glass.

The window frame can be sealed inside the frame or just below the frame.

Double glazing and single glazing can be installed inside and outside or just inside.

There can be so many different types of window glass

glass windows sample

Allow air circulation despite insulation

Generally, when building your own casement windows, the inner sash must be tighter and smaller than the outer sash. The U-value of casement windows is influenced by the overall construction. Milling and offsetting the frame profile ensures optimal insulation.

On the internal profile, additional insulation must be reinforced with folding or sealing strips. On the outer frame, the profile should be left “bare” to allow air and moisture to escape. If the self-insulating glass is used, a simple application of polyurethane tape is enough for sealing.

Tips: when assembling the components of a casement window, please use adequate fixtures, such as screw clips.

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