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How to secure French casement windows

It can be said that the French casement window is a more open variant of the classic mullion window classic window with aesthetic appeal. French casement windows use special window handle locks or security glass to prevent burglary.

 French casement window

The specifics of French casement windows

Referring to casement windows, straight pane windows have been further developed into a more open version. This version has two sashes with a vertical divider in between. In contrast to fixed, freestanding straight lattices, casement windows use movable straight lattices.

Secure the French casement window

In terms of burglary prevention, you can use a variety of options while maintaining security. In the following, we will list them for you in detail.

Strike plate for double casement window

Mushroom head locking possibly by replacing fittings

Penetration-resistant glazing or foil

Electronic alarm security

Casement window with mushroom head lock Casement window with mushroom head lock

locking bolt

One way to mechanically secure casement windows to prevent burglary is to use a special locking plate for the window. This consists of a locking plate into which steel bolt jaws enter when locked. The locking box is installed on the sash, which is usually made of plastic or wood.

Anti-theft devices

French windows are usually in older buildings and therefore are not equipped with standardized recesses or rebates. This older fitting cannot be retrofitted with a mushroom head lock, which is a secure anti-theft device. However, it can be replaced with a mushroom head lock fitting.

Security Glass

French casement windows can also be equipped with impact-resistant glass to prevent the window glass from being smashed. And glass protection film is not only easy to install, but also inexpensive.

Tempered safety glass for casement windows Tempered safety glass for casement windows

Alarm security

If you want to rely on electronic security technology, you can keep the original structure of the casement window and instead integrate an alarm into the system as part of a smart home installation. Once intrusion activity is recorded, the system sends an alarm via an electronic device (smartphone).

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