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The price of casement windows

People nowadays do not often choose casement windows for their new buildings because the price of products that meet modern insulation regulations is very high. The high level of manual work also results in higher prices than single casement windows if old box windows are partially or completely replaced and modernized.

the cost of casement windows

Price Factors

While there is a wide selection of materials and quality grades for single pane windows, there is no need to hesitate between high-quality windows and cheap windows for casement windows. The frame material has a small impact on the overall price, as only wood can be used as the frame for casement windows.

The quality of a window is made up of several factors:

Type of wood of the window frame

Window frame width

Frame profiles

Locking mechanism


Frame-reveal connection

Size of the window

The thickness of the window glass

Type of window glass

different materials of casement windows

Guideline values for new and old casement windows

For new casement windows with good U-values, for example, the basic price per square meter of window area is estimated to be 1,000 Euros in the European region.

The price for repairing old casement windows depends to a large extent on their condition. The amount of work involved when refurbishing box windows can vary considerably.

If the new sash is customized, the exact price will depend on the size and glazing of the window.

Types of glazing

Thermal window

Insulating glazing window

Thermope window

Laminated safety glazing

Double glazing

Triple glazing

Soundproof glass effect

Glazing is also available in hybrid form, and this version can meet several criteria at the same time. A common difficulty with older casement windows is the properties and strength of the existing outer frame on the inside of the window. Heavy double-glazed sashes cannot be hung in all cases. So the price of frame replacement may rise to the cost of a complete window replacement.

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