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The open kitchen cabinets are no longer a rarity: large rooms for open living concepts are commonplace in new buildings. The kitchen is no longer spatially separated but combined with the living room. There is no question that an open-plan kitchen is spacious and communicative. But is this type of planning also suitable for you? In the following article, you can read about what you need to pay attention to if you want to plan and design your open-plan kitchen.

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In contrast to the closed kitchen, the open kitchen is not planned in a separate room but the middle of a large living room, dining, and living room. The transition between the individual areas is fluid.

TIP: You can visually separate the kitchen and living area with a floor or wall design.

Regarding the “semi-open kitchen,” the room is not planned to be completely open. In this case, the eat-in kitchen is visually separated from the living area by partitions, or the kitchen is located in a niche. A kitchen bar as a room divider is also possible.

Open kitchen cabinets: yes or no?

As “tempting” as an open-plan kitchen may be at first glance, as with all other kitchen styles and types of planning, you have to decide whether the open-plan kitchen is proper for you.

Pros and cons of an open and semi-open kitchen-living room

  • Communicative
  • Lots of freedom of movement
  • Representative
  • Odor nuisance
  • Noise
  • No optical protection in case of disorder
  • Cost of modernization

Open kitchen cabinets can be expensive depending on their size and kitchen appliances. A spacious, open kitchen with a cooking island and state-of-the-art kitchen appliances costs more than a simple kitchenette with simple equipment. The costs for installing connections are no longer significant.


In the meantime, new buildings are usually planned with an open kitchen. The living space is already designed for an open living concept, and the corresponding connections are available.

In the case of attic apartments, the sloping roof limits the space above, which must be considered when planning. In old buildings, there is often a division into many small rooms. If you want an open kitchen here, you have to modernize the old building. There is a lot of effort behind it. And it is not always possible to change the layout plan.

BASIC: For an open kitchen, there must be a right layout plan for your living, ideally a space.


There are many challenges to overcome when planning an open kitchen. You can design your open-plan kitchen with our kitchen planner to get inspired for your space.

Which type of kitchen is suitable for an open living concept?

In principle, all kitchen shapes are suitable for an open living concept. A cooking island in the middle of the room is particularly popular with modern open-plan living concepts. It acts as the focal point of the living area and is the communicative center.

How do you integrate the seat into the open living space?

An open layout plan offers many options for accommodating a seat. Depending on your ideas, the shape of the kitchen, and the layout plan, you can integrate it into the living room in various ways, namely as:

  • Kitchen counter (also called kitchen bar or counter)
  • Wall counter
  • Integrated dining table
  • Separate dining table

The dining area can be connected directly to the kitchen island, for example, in the form of a kitchen counter, which is created using an attached or extended worktop. You can also expand kitchenettes or kitchens in an L or U shape with a smaller countertop, which is a good solution, especially when there is limited space. Alternatively, the kitchen counter is not mounted in the kitchen but on the wall. A large dining table directly on the cooking island provides more space.

TIP: If you have a separate dining area, make sure the distance between the dining area and the open kitchen is short.


The operating noise of the kitchen appliances can quickly become a nuisance when watching TV or relaxing in the living room.

IMPORTANT: The noise level of household appliances can be found on the energy label.

The extractor hood is the most significant noise generator among electrical appliances. Dishwashers are considered to be relatively quiet at around 40 decibels. The washing program runs a few decibels quieter if the dishwasher has a “silence button.” On the other hand, Refrigerators are usually significantly softer at 30 to 35 decibels.

Quiet household appliances for open kitchen cabinets

Opt for a built-in refrigerator that disappears behind the kitchen fronts instead of a bulky upright refrigerator. Fully integrated dishwashers without a visible control panel also remain hidden. And instead of a chimney hood, you can choose a slanted extractor hood (headroom hood) or built-in hood. Integrated cooktop extractors with downward extractors are ideal for the cooking island. In this way, the extractor hood does not dominate the living area.


  • In open kitchens, make sure that the kitchen appliances are not visually conspicuous.
  • Plan a utility area next to the kitchen so you can store kitchen appliances and supplies away.


The open kitchen can be planned in all colors and styles. Nevertheless, there are a few things to consider when planning the kitchen to ensure harmony in the living room:

  • Stick to a consistent color scheme
  • Put a value on the order in the kitchen area
  • Prepare solutions for enough storage space
  • Prefer closed kitchen fronts

The open kitchen has many forms. Be inspired by the following examples of open living:

  • Color in the open kitchen
  • Modern open kitchen
  • Dark eat-in kitchen
  • Country kitchen with an open living concept


Open living combines cooking, eating, and living in a single room. This type of planning is relatively expensive but is currently very popular. Open-plan living enables social interaction and is considered communicative. At the same time, the demands on kitchen planning, which must fit seamlessly into the overall concept, are increasing. Fortunately, kitchen cabinets manufacturers from China are increasingly offering suitable furniture for the living area. So that the kitchen area doesn’t look so technical, kitchen appliances can be planned in the adjoining utility room.

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