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How to design an open kitchen with an island?

open kitchen with an island

The kitchen enters the center of life, then it is no longer a closed kitchen, but a social center for communication. It is then particularly important to design an open kitchen with an island. As an integral part of your living environment, your kitchen should be eye-catching with its outstanding design, yet harmoniously integrated into your living space. Before you can formulate a specific design concept for your kitchen, it is important to clarify the following basic questions.

  • What materials and shapes are available for my home furnishings?
  • Should the design of the kitchen accommodate or create visual contrast?
  • Do I prefer an open kitchen with a cooking island or a simple island?

1. Pay attention to the combination of materials

Does wood dominate the furniture in the living room? In this case, the wood front kitchen looks harmonious, if you want to have another style, then you can use an unusual combination of materials.

Stainless steel gives a modern look. Surfaces with a brushed metal look particularly elegant. The combination of natural stone and glossy lacquer in strong colors creates a look that is both unusual and attractive.

stainless steel open kitchen cabinets with island

Are curves, circles, and other shapes a design element in your home? In this case, it is recommended to choose a work surface with a rounded profile. Custom kitchen cabinets with curved shapes look particularly original.

2. Create contrast as an optical distinction

If you want to visually distinguish the living area from the kitchen, you can create contrasts. The material of the large kitchen front is the decisive element.

dark blue open kitchen with a living room

Wood grains with unusual stains (e.g. blue, black or red) can create a different tone. On the other hand, white is the ideal background color for unusual accessories. Iridescent colors from smart lights are very striking, as are unusual designer fixtures or artwork.

 3. Use modern technology to bring convenience.

Do you have a kitchen with only an oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator? Today’s modern kitchen equipment’s are far more than the standard equipment of the past. Ovens with vacuum low-temperature cooking capabilities allow for vacuum-packed cooking at low temperatures. Mild steam pans retain vital nutrients.

white open kitchen cabinet with ovens

Combining microwave and oven in one unit saves space. And you can control the cooking process from anywhere through the Internet.

Modern dishwashers are also particularly convenient because you can lift the lower drawer. This makes it easier to put in and take out.

Today, you can also install faucets with direct drinking water in open kitchens with islands. This guarantees pure minimalism without the need for additional equipment or storage space for bottles.

Professional wine cabinets are ideal for wine lovers. Connoisseurs swear by such devices, and you can now also be intelligently connected. You can control and monitor the temperature at any time using your smartphone.

4. Intelligent functions to meet individual wishes

kitchen cabinet from China

Do you also want an open kitchen that fits perfectly with your lifestyle? Then the choice of kitchen equipment, sinks and appliances is extremely important. For the trend towards open plan design, Parlun offers you a range of kitchen faucets and sinks that are both beautiful and functional. In this way, advanced technology and comfortable lounge areas can be harmoniously combined according to your tastes. Because kitchen cabinets from Parlun are functional, ergonomic and excellently designed.

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