Floor lamps

Floor lamps are used to illuminate a local area of a room. Because ceiling lights do not fully illuminate the room, it would help if you had floor lamps to do other things in the room, such as reading newspapers.

A floor lamp alone won’t brighten a room, but it’s an essential light in a room. The two types of lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lamps must complement each other in a house.

Floor lamps are very effective in every room! The ceiling light complements the power connection on the ceiling. And floor lamps can be plugged into any socket and work anywhere; improving room lighting is that simple!

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Why do you need a floor lamp?

  • read the newspaper
  • make yourself comfortable
  • sometimes need work
  • for handmade
  • divide space


Plus: floor lamps look gorgeous (because floor lamps are chic!)

Floor lamps can do a lot of things. Of course, not every floor lamp can do all the things; this is why different types of floor lamps are distinguished.

What kind of floor lamps are there?

There are three types of floor lamps: classic floor lamps, arc floor lamps, and upward shine floor lamps. They differ in their form and function. For many, the most crucial part of a floor lamp is the reading lamp on an upward shine floor lamp. The shape of the room and the furnishing style play the most critical roles.

Classic floor lamps

Classic floor lamps have a base, a long, straight frame, and a shade; most lampshades are made of fabric. They are used for beautiful islands of light and the structural decoration of the room. In addition, the classic floor lamp is used to enrich the style of the room and becomes another beautiful element. Many hotels also use it to create attractive areas in the lobby.

Arc floor lamps

Arc floor lamps differ primarily in the curved frame. You place your foot under the sofa, the floor lamp’s structure winds stylishly around the backrest, and the light falls above (or slightly from the side) onto the book pages. Yes, reading is a lot more fun than having to keep turning the book to face the light!

Upward shine floor lamps

The upward shine floor lamp goes straight up like a classic floor lamp. However, the light does not fall sideways and downwards but upwards towards the ceiling.

Nothing happens with a dark ceiling; however, when an upward-shine floor lamp shines a light on the ceiling, the light is reflected and gently falls into the room. But it’s still not bright enough to be comfortable enough to read. So the designers of the upward shine floor lamp had the same idea and installed an additional light source: a flexible branch reading light.

Very trendy: tripod floor lamps

The tripod floor lamp, breaking the classic concept of floor lamps, is fashionable. They transferred the foot structure of a tripod camera to a living room lamp. While there are many variants where a dot is added to the lamp to make the whole thing look like studio lighting, lamps with fabric shades are also in great demand.

Which bulb belongs to the floor lamp?

No light bulbs, please! It consumes a lot of electricity unnecessarily. Today, LED lamps deliver nice cozy light, excellent color rendering, and the proper brightness. And that with 90% less energy consumption. If you still have a floor lamp with sockets, replace the old lamps with LED lamps. Do you want to buy a new floor lamp anyway? Then floor lamps with built-in LED could be an excellent option.

Are our new floor lamps also dimmable?

Of course, even those with LEDs are available in dimmable versions. After all, if the lights aren’t on, you should adjust the brightness of the floor lamp to make yourself comfortable while reading on the couch. Everyone perceives light differently; this is why suitable floor lamps are equipped with dimmers. Of course, keep the two lights (leading light and reading light) separate.

Not sure if the selected product is dimmable? You can check the item details. If it says “yes,” you can plug the floor lamp into an outlet, and it will work without any additional dimmers or similar.

Which floor lamp should I choose?

It all depends on the style of your room. Because, just like pendant lights, table lamps, etc., you don’t have to choose between two or three models but can filter the search result according to your favorite style in our lighting catalog. Some style examples are:

Wooden floor lamps, whose wooden legs match the cozy living like a glove match hand. Floor lamps with fabric shades, whose lampshades make the light even more comfortable. Tripod floor lamps are also called tripods. Trendy!

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