wood veneered interior doors

With veneered interior doors, solid wood is applied to the top layer of the door. Due to the associated economic use of the most valuable types of wood, solid wood veneered doors provide excellent cost performance. Order your interior doors online at Parlun – we will deliver everything to the address of your choice. The solid wood veneered interior doors are more attractive than plain white lacquered doors or cheap imitation wood (CPL) doors from the hardware store.

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Production of solid wood veneered interior doors

All veneers on the interior doors are processed manually by experts. Each door is a complex handcrafted one-off production. The veneers for each door are selected and processed to match.

In some cases, veneers are selected from just one trunk. Therefore, the door offers a harmonious overall picture. The uniqueness of solid wood veneered doors is due to the individual growth of the wood species(grain, annual rings, knots). A unique veneer sheet makes a unique solid wood door.

Design options for solid wood veneered doors

Veneered doors become particularly interesting in coordination with other materials. In addition to veneered doors with glass, inlaid work can also be combined with solid wood veneered doors (e.g., pilaster strips with a stainless steel or silver look). Veneers can be applied vertically in a traditional way. Solid wood veneered doors in a horizontal appearance are considered particularly modern. Combinations of both are also possible.

The range of veneered wood is extensive. Oak, beech, or maple doors are popular. Veneered interior doors made of cherry or walnut are considered distinctive.

Each veneered door offers an extraordinary design combined with a frame made of aluminum or white-pigmented wood. Parlun provides the most extensive range of solid wood veneered doors and constantly expands the range of interior doors.

  • Veneered doors with cross optics
  • Veneered doors with metal look pilaster strips
  • Veneered doors made of fine wood

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