Is it a rose walk? A climbing aid? A portico? Or is it a practical extension for the house? Yes, to everything – and much more: This is a pergola. Thanks to the many options, such a pergola is sure to fit any style – and therefore also in your garden. As a design element, a pergola is incredibly versatile: it can be used free-standing, as a structure to lean against the house, and as an extension of the terrace. Your garden’s pergola stands for more openness and fresh air.

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Buy a pergola and make your garden even more beautiful

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information about pergolas. You will learn why a pergola is a “green” alternative to a gazebo or other enclosed patio cover. But you will also discover why a pergola turns out to be a long-lasting investment – and makes your garden even more beautiful. Perhaps you are also interested in how you can extend your terrace with a pergola? And at the end, our bonus tip is waiting for you. This can save you unnecessary problems. You can find more about this versatile pergola with just a click.

Pergola and pavilion - these are the differences and similarities

Have you ever confused a pergola with pavilion? After all, both are often grouped in the same category. And with good reason: Both are ideal as decorative sun protection and provide shade for your garden.

Don’t think of a pergola as an oversized umbrella because the roofing is neither suitable nor intended for this. Due to the generally open roof and the lack of sidewalls, air circulation is greatly improved with a pergola, especially pleasant in summer. You can enjoy a shady seat without having to suffer from muggy air. An advantage over many pavilions is their low price. Similar to a garden pavilion, an overgrown pergola can also serve as a privacy screen, which ensures your privacy from your neighbors.

However, you will also find pergolas in our range with an additional cover. This prevents rain and leaves from collecting in the folds of the collapsed canopy- extra protection for your pergola that pays off. But even without this cover, your pergola is guaranteed to last a long time.

This is why your pergola is a long-lasting investment for your garden

Wood simply feels cozy and fits perfectly into a natural garden. However, many wooden pergolas are only weatherproof to a limited extent – especially without regular care. This is why the posts and crossbeams of the pergolas are sometimes made of natural stone but mostly made of metal, especially powder-coated aluminum or steel, which makes the pergola very weatherproof. With these materials, even moisture is not a problem. In addition, the metal posts and crossbeams impress with their enormous stability. This makes the frame of the pergolas durable and extremely easy to care for so that you can save yourself all the care, apart from cleaning when it is dirty.

The pergola is supplemented by a hard-wearing and waterproof textile cover of 100% polyester. It even withstands short rain showers. Such a pergola can be very durable and permanently enrich your garden.

Make your garden more beautiful with a pergola

Metal is not only durable and easy to care for but also presents a contrast in a natural garden. The combination of metal and planting of the pergola gives you a visual upgrade of your outdoor area. Many plants are suitable for this. However, make sure that your children are kept away from poisonous climbing plants, such as wisteria or the popular ivy. As a child-friendly alternative, there are many non-toxic climbing plants, such as the climbing rose, the bell vine, or the triplet. With the help of these climbing plants, you can create a beautiful green oasis in your garden. In this way, the modern design of aluminum or steel merges with your green planting to create a harmonious atmosphere.

You can also use a pergola as a portico, climbing aid, awning, or garden pavilion. Furthermore, a pergola is ideal as a room divider to structure your garden. Our pergolas remain in a discreet design to fit into your garden. In addition to the timeless anthracite, you will also find cream-colored pergolas in our range. With a pergola, you can give your garden an exceptional touch. Not all of your neighbors have such a decorative design element in their garden yet?

Instead of an awning: extend the terrace with a pergola

An awning usually protects the terrace from the sun. Still, a pergola offers your outdoor furniture and guests a wonderfully airy spot with shade, which creates an efficient terrace extension for your garden. As you know, a shady place is in short supply in no time at a garden party or a spontaneous visitor. Exactly for this need, some pergolas can be easily and quickly extended, which means you can flexibly decide on the extent of the shading at any time. When friends or relatives visit, such a pergola is an excellent way to protect yourself effectively and your guests from the blazing sun. For this purpose, some pergolas have integrated a practical rail system, through which you can simply open and close the roof and adjust it to the position of the sun.

But the passage height of the pergola is also crucial for the crossbar must be high enough to let you (or your tall guests) not bump into it. Then you can always walk comfortably under the pergola.

Now that you have seen what a pergola can offer you, only one question remains: Which pergola should it be?

Buy your pergola online

With Parlun you will only find pergolas of high quality, which are available in different dimensions. What they all have in common is the high-quality workmanship of the products. Take a look around our catalog and discover the pergola that perfectly suits your needs and your garden. Maybe you will find other furniture that you like in your search? Before you get started, however, we still have the promised tips for you:

The bonus tip for all pergola fans

You now know how a pergola differs from a gazebo. But that’s not the case for everyone. Therefore, it is best to ask the building authorities if your property needs a permit. Because: Regulations vary in some cases from state to state.

In this way, you can avoid all difficulties and enjoy your pergola in the garden without hesitation. We hope you enjoy it!

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