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Those looking for PVC windows usually refer to plastic windows. For many years, plastic windows had a bad reputation and were considered “cheap”. It was even said that they were of inferior quality. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today; quite the opposite because plastic windows are now among the most frequently installed windows in the world. Plastic, especially PVC, is among the most popular and versatile materials in the construction industry. No wonder plastics are future-oriented and energy-efficient.

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PVC windows – the all-rounder!

PVC windows offer many advantages. For example, they are inexpensive, energy-saving, and very easy to care for. The plastic PVC is very robust. Rain, sunlight, snow, ice, and other environmental influences cannot harm it. PVC windows thus remain very dimensionally stable over their entire service life.

PVC windows from China also meet special requirements in the areas of thermal insulation, soundproofing, and burglary resistance. The multi-chamber structure of the GL System window profiles made of PVC provides good insulation values and thus reduces energy and heating costs because the frame of a window is also important when it comes to efficient thermal insulation.

Why buy a PVC window?

PVC windows bring an enormous number of benefits for users, which is why it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Research is already being carried out on the only disadvantage of the ecological usability of PVC. However, the material is particularly practical as a window since the purchase of a window is not a consumer good but an investment. In short: it is not a plastic packaging that you have to throw away again and again, but a window that will last for your entire life of the window. Thus, the lifespan of the PVC window is much longer than that of a consumable item.

Quickly calculate the price of plastic windows

PVC windows offer a good price because, firstly, they have a low purchase price compared to other windows made of aluminum or wood. Secondly, they have a very long service life. No wonder, then, that the PVC window has become one of the most popular windows in China. Use our window catalog to identify your new plastic windows and contact us for a completely free and no-obligation window quote. We would be happy to help you choose your windows!

PVC window with shutters

PVC windows with a roller shutter are becoming increasingly popular for many users. After all, why should you buy both products separately if you can install your roller shutter in your window? Not only do you save a lot of time and effort by buying windows with roller shutters at the same time, but the installation can also be completed in one go.

For this reason, buying PVC windows with rolling curtains is particularly appropriate. You can select them during the ordering communication process. If you have well-maintained windows, you can also transform your PVC windows with blinds.

Another design option for your dream window facade is the choice of a suitable window color. You have a large selection of different decorative foils for this purpose. You can even imitate a wood look with a grain or pattern on brown decorative foil.

PVC windows are easy to care for and require little maintenance

Made from high-quality PVC, the windows are extremely easy to care for and require little maintenance. A detergent solution is sufficient for gentle and easy cleaning of the window frames because not much dust and dirt settles on the smooth profile surfaces, which means that PVC doors and windows are easier to care for than wooden windows.

High-quality windows impress people with the best functionality over the years. Due to the long service life and low prices, windows made of PVC are an excellent investment, also for maintaining the value of your property.

Commercialization of the PVC window

Many years ago, there was a sudden change from wooden windows to PVC windows. By far, the huge trend of PVC windows continues in households all over the world.

The key is in energy efficiency in order to save cost on energy supply. In the course of thermal modernization, many elements of the house are modernized to reduce costs for heating and cooling the building. This can be divided into the following phases:

  • Improvement of the thermal insulation of the facades
  • Replacement of old windows with PVC windows
  • Improvement of central heating systems
  • Water heating

PVC windows are compelling through many features. Contact us on our official website and configure your PVC windows today!

Frequently asked questions about PVC windows

What are PVC windows?

PVC windows are another name for plastic windows. PVC is the abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride and stands for a durable, weather-resistant, and easy-care material. A huge trend in thermal modernization caused the switch from old wooden windows to PVC windows. PVC windows are becoming more and more popular due to their many benefits at a reasonable price. Only the window profile, i.e., the window frame and the frame of the window sash, are made of PVC.

How much do PVC windows cost?

There is no all-inclusive price for PVC windows. The price is determined by the size of your window. The choice of profile material and glazing has a much greater impact on the window price. With a profile made of PVC, you can choose within a cheaper range. Accessories such as roller shutters and other extras need additional charges.

What are the advantages of PVC windows?

PVC windows are particularly easy to care for, durable, weather-resistant, heat-insulating, energy-saving, and inexpensive. In addition, it is available in a wide range of colors. In addition, it can be made in almost any shape and form. Even special shapes such as triangular windows, circular windows, and trapezoidal windows are available in plastic. Find all the pros and cons of PVC windows with our expert.

What window colors are there for PVC windows?

You can choose from a large selection of decorative foils in a wide range of colors. Windows in anthracite and various shades of brown, such as nut brown, mahogany, blue, and many other colors, are particularly popular with our customers. The classic white PVC window is still the most frequently chosen plastic window.

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