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Mahogany windows – aesthetic, functional, beautiful

Mahogany windows

Mahogany look for plastic windows, wooden windows, and aluminum windows

Comfort, individual character, unique look – windows with mahogany color are absolute premium solutions for your four walls. Thanks to appropriate foiling, windows made of plastic with this color tone are durable and cost-saving. Aluminum or wooden windows with mahogany paint also enjoy a very high reputation among Parlun customers.

  • Magnificent wood look – dreamlike charisma
  • Variety of materials in plastic, wood, and aluminum
  • Available with shutters, awnings, and insect screens
  • Configurable with interior and exterior window sills
  • Especially popular as a transom window for the garden house
windows with mahogany color 

Unique and full of character – mahogany color for your windows

Window solutions in modern mahogany shades can enhance a home in the best possible way. We make sure you get windows that radiate joy and comfortMahogany paint color for wooden or aluminum windows stands for aesthetics and coziness. Windows in mahogany brown easily blend into the surroundings and give a feeling of warmth and “being at home.”

Modern foils that provide a distinctive look

Try to contact us for more detailed information and see modern foils on plastic windows, which are available in various colors and exceptional mahogany brown shades. Windows made of plastic are visually transformed into wooden windows and enhance any home or office. Mahogany brown is a trendy color solution for windows – one of the top sellers in plastic elements, which has consistently proven its worth. Alternatively, wood windows made of meranti or pine with a mahogany glaze are also available.

Mahogany windows application scenarios

garden house window with mahogany

Whether garden house window with mahogany decor, light mahogany for the living room, or light brown mahogany for the bathroom – this color solution can be easily integrated individually in different places.

Colors and shapes combine with facades and create a coherent overall picture. In addition, order the proper, necessary accessories to complete your window solution with the shade of mahogany ideally.

It does not need to resort to wooden windows in mahogany to feel the unique effect. Choose plastic windows in mahogany decor and see the excellent and elegant look for yourself.

Similarly, wooden windows with a glaze are also possible, which will be applied to pine, meranti, or larch wood according to your choice. Aluminum elements and profiles can also be provided with light or dark mahogany shades by powder coating in RAL colors.

Mahogany windows with the glaze – new ideas for your home

Mahogany windows with the glaze

The elegant tropical wood mahogany is one of the most popular precious woods because of its distinctive grain and expressive color. With a wooden window in mahogany glaze, you create a warm and distinguished interior with these visual characteristics. Benefiting from many years of experience, wooden windows from Parlun are of consistent quality, which can easily compete with windows made of other materials such as plastic or aluminum. Thus, the windows made of either pine, meranti, or larch meet high standards in energy efficiency, statics, and durability.

Grandiose appearance, numerous advantages

Windows in mahogany look convincing with an extraordinary appearance and, in addition, with excellent thermal insulation. Whether window profiles are made of the naturally good heat-insulating wood profile or the modern multi-chamber systems in plastic profiles, choose from an impressive variety of profile materials of proven quality and optimal energy efficiency, ultimately saving you energy. Get to know the most diverse configuration options to get the correct window solution. Among other things, you can order window fittings from Parlun to further increase the security of your solution. You can contact us for the corresponding prices. We manufacture according to the customer’s wishes and with short delivery times – in the end, you will get the ideal window with unique mahogany paint.

Modern multi-chamber window profiles

Frequently asked questions about window color mahogany

Which house paint is suitable for windows in mahogany?

Mahogany window color belongs to the very dark brown tones. It looks exquisite and high-quality and should be combined with light colors only, if possible. Suitable colors for your house facade are white, cream-white, and soft pastel colors like yellow. The mahogany color looks a bit quaint and dark. Therefore, it is also difficult to combine them with bright solid colors. If you choose the facade color carefully, you can’t go wrong.

How much do windows in mahogany color cost?

The price of windows in mahogany depends on the individual customer’s request. You can not only configure your desired window and inquire but also follow the price composition and sit back with a clear conscience. It would help if you kept an eye on the material and window size choice. Here you can expect differences in price classes. You can find more information on window costs.

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