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5 Steps To Painting Plastic Windows

paitning plastic window

There is no doubt that windows are exposed to the wind and rain all year round. Not only that, but the sun’s UV radiation can cause dark plastic windows to fade particularly easily. And white plastic frames tend to turn yellow, especially indoors. Over time, the windows become unsightly. But the solution isn’t difficult: With a cleaning cloth, brush, and paint, you can give plastic windows a new look in no time. Important: We don’t need to be very professional – just be prepared and use a good quality paint material.

Painting Plastic Windows

Painting Plastic Windows – This Is How It Works:

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the windows. Tape the glass along the frame and window seals, and remove the window handle.

Step 2: Sand the surface with sandpaper. Wipe away dust, then apply degreaser with a lint-free cloth.

Step 3: Apply the first coat of varnish and don’t forget to paint the vent covers. Let the paint dry for 6 hours, then reinstall the window handles.

Step 4: Sand the surface again. Apply again and wait another 6 hours.

Step 5: Follow the same steps as the outside to paint the inside.

What Color Is Suitable?

Our all-rounder paint is also suitable for plastic painting. Its eco-friendly color and white paint is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze certified, resistant to sweat and saliva. Water-based paint has low odour, environmentally friendly, non-yellowing and weatherproof.


Step 1: Prepare to paint the plastic windows

Step 2: Sand and degrease

Step 3: Prime

Step 4: Paint the plastic window

Step 5: Freshen up the inside

First remove the coarse dirt with a sponge. If there is a vent cover, remove it. You can remove the window seals or cover them with making tape, or use it also to protect the glass on the frame. It is advisable to remove the window handle.

Making tape to protect plastic windows

The plastic surface was then slightly roughened with 220 -grit abrasive pad. Use abrasive fleece carefully to avoid damaging the surface. Remove dust, then apply our degreaser with a lint-free cloth. Let the degreaser sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe off with a damp cloth.

The best choice for refurbishing plastic windows is our eco-friendly universal paint, which is available in a variety of colors for your preference, including white. Make sure to brush with a suitable water-based paint and wet the brush – this will make it easier to clean afterwards. Then apply the first coat evenly and don’t forget to paint the vent cover as well.

Evenly apply the first layer of paint

Pro tip – how to get a nice corner: Use painter’s tape along the miter, brushing only the left and right sides of the frame first. Allow about an hour to dry, carefully remove the masking tape, and repeat the step to coat the top and bottom of the frame. This way, your brush is great for applying along the miter.

After 6 hours of drying, quickly sand the primed surface with a sanding fleece (220 grit), then apply a generous second coat of paint. At this point, paint the window frame following the same professional advice as applying primer before. Allow the window to dry for an additional 6 hours, then reinstall the vent cover and window handle and insert the seal.

Over time, especially light-colored PVC windows, the inside will turn yellow. If the discoloration is severe, you can also use suitable paints to complement the color, just follow the same steps as before. If the discoloration is not serious, it is enough to supplement the color appropriately. We recommend applying with a soft cloth. Finally, rinse with clean water and the plastic window will shine pure white again.

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