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Birch windows- the warm wood look

wood-aluminum windows

Decorative film of birch for plastic windows

Plastic windows in birch look

Birch is a tough wood with many usages, whose surfaces are often associated with a homely feeling and associate coziness and warmth. The birch is covered with a white bark to protect the windows, but underneath it hides a warm brown tone. Put together your dream birch-look window from Parlun now!

  • Plastic windows in birch look
  • Select matching shutters in brown or beige tone
  • With innovative window fittings
  • Individual design options
  • Configure according to your own needs

Windows in birch look – for more homey feeling

bay windows in birch look

Windows in birch look often remind of beautiful childhood days, because in many households often half the furniture was chosen in birch wood. The native tree is used in many ways, whether as plywood, for furnishing or as firewood. Because of its availability, birch is a particularly ecological resource. Wood tones, such as those of birch add a warmth to your home. In addition, the window in birch is a particularly light tone compared to other wood tones. Not only does the light color add more radiant brightness and vitality, the beautiful grains or patterns of the wood’s textures are also easily recognizable.

Homely, ecological and connected with nature

The window in birch is often chosen as a plastic format with a decorative film. With a decorative film in birch, you can even replicate a real wooden window, even at a low price. The special thing about it: plastic windows are durable and easier to maintain than real wooden windows. In the windows catalog of Parlun, you will find many other configuration options. If you want to buy a window with muntins, for example, the color selection in birch is also available.

Decorative films in birch for the natural look

No matter which profile system you choose, the biking look with wood structure can be applied to all windows. With a birch-look window, you not only stand out from the crowd, but also set new standards and trends to bring the natural wood look back into fashion.

The window in birch can be optimally expanded online from Parlun with suitable additional elements. For example, you can add shutters, window sills and muntins in the same shade or in a harmonizing color. There are no limits to your creativity in designing your windows.

Cozy, warm and inviting – birch-look windows are real eye-catchers, precisely because they have become so rare! They are also often used in vacation homes. The birch look gives your rooms more warmth and establishes a better connection with nature. Feel for yourself how the energy of your living spaces is upgraded!

Get to know the possibilities of Parlun today. Click through and decide for yourself what suits you!

Wooden windows in birch look – warm color for your well-being

Wooden windows in birch look

Wooden windows naturally spread an atmosphere of well-being. It is not for nothing that the wood material is said to have extremely heat-insulating properties. The natural thermal insulation of the material makes your window construction very stable. At Parlun you will find wooden windows made of pine and meranti. With a suitable wood glaze, you can easily recreate the birch look.

A decorative film for plastic windows that resembles the birch look is the decorative film in natural oak:

Wide range of options for the birch window

Tempered safety glass for windows

Windows in birch convince not only by their warm style and design. You can easily customize the window according to your needs. For example, with a profile and glazing of heat-insulating properties, you can save on heating costs. In addition to design customization and thermal protection, you can also customize your window for security aspects. With a suitable security level and mushroom head locks, you can protect yourself optimally against burglary attempts. You can also consider other aspects such as sound insulation, ventilation or comfort when putting together your window. Learn about all the options for creating your dream window from Parlun now!

Frequently asked questions about window color birch

What house color is suitable for windows in birch?

You can optimally combine windows in the color birch with brown tones such as those of brick. Also facade colors in light tones harmonize wonderfully with windows in birch color. If you would rather go for bold colors with your exterior facade, we recommend using gray tones, unless you want to pursue a Mediterranean style, in which case you can also go for bright colors.

How much do birch windows cost?

the cost of birch windows

The price of windows with decorative film is basically higher than that of windows in standard white. In addition to the foiling of the windows, the choice of window glazing and profile material also contributes to the final price. You can save, for example, with a plastic profile. In addition, the plastic format holds many other benefits for you. Additions such as shutters, insect screens and so on also generate a surcharge. The easiest way to determine the window price is to contact our windows expert, where you can assemble your window as desired and simultaneously follow the price calculation.

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