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Why Plastic Windows Leak?

Test The Tightness Of The Window

Does your plastic window seem to be leaking? Air leaking and water in the house? Undoubtedly this can be uncomfortable—not only is the house not warm enough when it’s cold, but heating costs also increase.

Test The Tightness Of The Window:

If you’re not sure if a window is leaking, light a candle and place it on the windowsill. If the flames are flickering, the window is leaking. Move the candle along the window frame to find where the air leaks. However, the difference in air pressure inside and outside is also taken into account. If there is a strong wind, air leakage is normal. So we recommend testing in normal weather conditions.

Test The Tightness Of The Window

Find Out Where The Air Is Entering:

– Between glass and wing.

– Between the sash and the frame.

– Between the frame and the reveal.

If You Cannot Fix It Yourself, Contact The Service Technician

If there is air leakage between the pane and the sash, you need to start with repairing the glazing. The service technician is able to fix the problem on the spot – removes the strips from the windows, take out the glass from the sash and put a new underlay on it. Then put the glass back in place and reinstall the moldings. Or you can fix it yourself by watching the instruction video.

Pulling through between the frame and reveal requires an intervention in the masonry. If the plaster cracks, the joints can be cemented or filled with PUR foam. However, if the original installation was unprofessional or used inferior materials, this solution won’t help in the long run. Improperly installed, there was not a direct path through the window, such a sill may not be insulated, and it will quickly freeze, cooling the air in the room.

In this case, tap the masonry around the frame to remove the remnants of old construction foam and fill the cavities with high-quality insulation. This not only improves thermal insulation and reduces heating costs, but also increases the sound insulation of the windows.

If There Is Air Leakage Between The Sash And The Frame, There May Be Several Reasons:

– Worn seals

– Air leakage caused by poor window settings

– Sash or frame deformation

Replace Seals, Adjust Fittings

Replacing worn seals is simple and inexpensive. High quality plastic windows with durable premium double rebate seals (EPDM). Frequent opening and closing of windows, alternating high and low temperatures – these all affect the material of the window.

If you find that the seal is intact and there are no cracks or other signs of wear, the leaking window may be caused by improperly adjusted fittings that prevent the sash from snuggling up against the frame. This can be easily fixed using a #4 Allen key according to the window adjustment instructions.

Note The Deformation Of The Sash And Frame

If the sash or frame is deformed in any way, the service technician can try to straighten it. Additional fittings can be added and the sash or frame reinforced if needed. Severe deformation usually requires replacement of the window. Fortunately, frame deformation is uncommon. The reason is usually that the profile is not reinforced or the window is exposed to the sun. Especially when windows have dark decor, sashes and frames can expand and contract due to temperature changes.

Design flaws can also lead to deformations – poor frame height to width ratio, no fixed mullions in larger frames, heavy duty triple glazing in large dimensions (if the windows are often ventilated when wide open, the sashes will sag and the fittings will wear). Therefore, when designing a window, the stress of the window in the future should be considered. If you need professional assistance, our staff will be happy to advise you on technical issues.

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