Outdoor Wood Look Tiles

Naturalness and warmth  – are feelings that natural wood radiates to us. So it’s no surprise that in the era of minimalist urban outdoor space design, people also want a touch of nature.

But natural wood patio flooring has some disadvantages: They require frequent care and damage can occur quickly. Rain, snow, sun, and UV rays put a heavy strain on natural wood so that the color soon fades or the wood cracks and has to be replaced at great expense.

That’s the advantage of outdoor wood look tiles. Outdoor wood look tiles can hardly be distinguished visually from natural wood. They also offer unique properties that make them durable, robust, and easy to care for.

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In addition to the properties of tile terrace slabs already mentioned, they impress with a thickness of 2 cm. This minimizes the risk of breakage. Even wine stains and oil stains will not cause damage to wood look tiles. All you need for cleaning is a little water! At the same time, use outdoor wood look tiles for your patio, which provide exceptional slip resistance in wet conditions, even when it rains or snows.

But in addition to these quality features, the look is an important decision point. Thanks to the most modern manufacturing processes, in addition to your choice of different wooden looks, you can also appreciate the natural wooden look of the tiles after many years, even in the most variable weather conditions.


Give your patio and garden a new lease of life! Terrace slabs with outdoor wood look tiles are ideal for this. We offer outdoor wood look tiles from direct Chinese manufacturer at the best prices in a variety of colors and wood looks.

The best feature about outdoor wood look tiles: Thanks to innovative production processes, the surface design looks like real wood. Even the smallest grains, knotholes, and natural play of colors imitate real wood and ensure a unique feeling of well-being – when looking at it, when touching it and when walking on it.

Take a look at our outdoor wood look tiles catalog now and feel warm and natural! And let our specialist staff advise you! We are looking forward to your contact!

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