Do you want to decorate your home like a palace? How can a luxurious room be without a chandelier! Because no other light than the chandelier sparkles so beautifully, filling our spaces with such stately elegance and pride.

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What size should the chandelier be?

Neither too big nor too small just the size you want. But what exactly does this mean? Very simply:

You can choose the size (diameter) of the chandelier freely. The number of lamps or the total luminous flux achieved (in lumens) is essential for good lighting in a room. The required luminous flux depends on:

Room size

Color in the room (dark walls don’t reflect light very well)desired brightness. Above the table, the primary consideration is the size of the table because the diameter of the chandelier should be smaller than the table itself.

Our tips: Since the candles in many chandeliers point upwards, the light on the table is always a little weaker. When choosing the size or number of “flames” (light sources), keep this in mind!

How high should the chandelier hang?

Suppose you put a chandelier on a table. The distance between the lower edge of the chandelier and the tabletop is about 60-70 cm is a good measure. However, chandeliers that hang in the room need to be high enough that you can easily stand under them and walk through them.

Our tip: the chandelier need a certain swing length to work best. So tall rooms are perfect for a gorgeous chandelier. And rooms with low ceilings are more suitable for crystal ceiling lamps.

Bulb or LED – which light source does a chandelier use?

Gone are the days of using real candles or bulbs as a chandelier light source, and now chandeliers are equipped with LED lights with no problem. From a purely visual point of view, LED lamps are in no way inferior to earlier lamps – they combine this with all the advantages of modern technology.

Our tip: For chandeliers with visible bulbs, use candle lights with LED technology or so-called gust lights with curved bulbs that look more real, realistic, and cool.

How do I clean chandeliers?

Basic Dry Cleaning:

You need to perform it regularly. To prevent dust and dirt from having a chance to settle on our chandeliers. It’s best to use a feather duster to clean the chandelier regularly.

Wet Advanced Cleaning:

It’s a little more complicated. That’s why it’s usually only done once a year, but the chandelier will look new after cleaning. Spray the chandelier cleaning spray onto the chandelier to allow dirt and dust to drip off, putting a newspaper or a towel under the chandelier. Otherwise, the dripping liquid will stain the floor.

Tips for cleaning a chandelier

You must turn off the chandelier before wet cleaning and dusting. The chandelier can only be turned on again when it is completely dry.

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