country style kitchen cabinets

Do you feel exceptionally comfortable in surroundings that are as natural as possible? Then kitchen cabinets are suitable, where the wood character comes into its own. Types of wood such as beech, oak, or pine with a visible structure spread light and cozy atmosphere—alternatively, the furniture glazes in white. Romantic wooden ornaments, filigree handles, lattice windows, and worktops made of natural stone underline the character.

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Country style kitchen cabinets from Palrun - rustic comfort in your home

When materials with a strong character, modern kitchen design, and timeless craftsmanship come together, Parlun creates fascinating, individual country style kitchen cabinets with a unique personality. The unmistakable look of a country house kitchen exudes nostalgic charm. It stands out with an incomparably inviting, rustic comfort that appeals to fans of a natural style: natural beechwood or oak look, and a wide range of warm tones. Shades of color underline the genuine, romantic-idyllic country house style. In conjunction with granite worktops and flush-fitting sinks, create elegant kitchen furnishings without sacrificing functionality or comfort. Add a touch of light, such as illuminated shelves, to subtly set off rustic country style kitchen cabinets.

Mediterranean romance with country style kitchen cabinets

With their cozy and appealing flair, country style kitchens invite you to unforgettable moments and convivial hours. White door fronts, natural wood elements, and a decorative backsplash characterize the romantic country style kitchen, which generates a homely touch with loving details and becomes the center of your family life in a short time. The back wall made of natural stone creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy life in a country kitchen with nostalgic charm and spend a carefree time cooking, baking, chatting, and relaxing with family and friends.

The modern country style kitchen cabinets - natural materials, individual customize

Do you only know solid wood kitchen cabinets as “clunky”? Don’t worry! At Parlun, we are very good at loosening up the appearance of your new country style kitchen cabinets with elements such as glass showcases, wall cabinets with glass doors, open bottle shelves, or glass rear wall mirrors – our large selection and planning freedom  can make it possible! Do you often cook in your home, or do you like to talk while preparing dinner? With our suggestion, your new country style kitchen cabinets with additional space for comfortable seating and plenty of workspace for cooking together with your loved ones. Spacious apothecary cupboards, roller shutter cupboards, and many other cupboard solutions, with which we make even the last niche usable, provide the necessary storage space. This is why our country house kitchens are elegant and suitable for everyday use.

Modern details and technology

In addition to the classic country style kitchen cabinets, you will also discover some designs in our kitchen catalog which are full of modern feeling. The high-gloss door fronts reflect a modern kitchen, while the stylish coffered look ensures the typical country style look at the same time. These modern details can be found in our country-style kitchen cabinets projects and the collection. Our country style kitchen cabinets have very little in common with the old-fashioned country kitchens. Instead, our country style kitchen cabinets follow the modern trend towards energy efficiency, first-class cooking comfort, and smart storage. This is how Parlun creates country-style kitchen cabinets to fall in love with daily.

Custom modern Country style kitchen cabinets at a glance

  • Country style house charm with natural materials and warm wood tones
  • Modern design details included: kitchen design suitable for everyday use and cutting-edge kitchen technology despite the rustic look
  • Fully customize that only a kitchen manufacturer can offer: country style kitchen cabinets with islands, smart storage solutions, and so on

Country style kitchen cabinets with the best quality and price

Thanks to our experience professional employees, we know that quality is essential to our customers. That’s why we use first-class materials for the production of our kitchen cabinets. With the 10-year guarantee, we vouch for the high quality of our products. At the same time, we are a direct manufacturer of kitchen cabinets from China, so our kitchen cabinets are of absolutely high quality and low price. At the same time, you can enjoy the best service with us, including from designing to delivery to your home!

Find suitable country style kitchen cabinets with your expert

You will find many country style kitchen cabinets designs in our latest kitchen catalog. We will provide you with comprehensive information about current trends such as solid wood or handless kitchen cabinets. You are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our kitchen experts so that our expert can help you plan your new kitchen cabinets. We will assist you in realizing your dream kitchen cabinet – whether it is an L-shaped kitchen cabinet, a U-shaped kitchen cabinet, with an island, or just a small kitchen, we can meet your needs. Choose Parlun for the perfect country style kitchen cabinet!

Kitchen design and kitchen equipment

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