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The English country kitchen cabinets

English Country Kitchen Cabinets

The small cottage kitchen cabinet for English country life

The charming atmosphere of English country life is best captured with one of the most popular country kitchen cabinets: the cottage kitchen cabinet. Traditionally, this kitchen style has been developed for rooms with a small space in tranquil summer houses.

cottage kitchen cabinet

Modern cozy rooms in cottage style are created through country house kitchen cabinet fronts, for example, models with a vertical plank structure or a wide frame. English country kitchen cabinets interpret the country style more subtly, in the acceptable English way.

Characteristics of the English country kitchen cabinets:

  • “Exquisite” country style, no rustic appearance
  • Fronts often in wood look or painted in light colors
  • Wide frame fronts or fronts with vertical panel structure
  • Also suitable for small rooms

The Cottage kitchen cabinet

English country kitchen cabinets with small island

The typical cottage kitchen cabinet does not take up much space. Clever devices can use existing storage space. But of course, English country kitchen cabinets can also be planned with a cooking island.

Bright colors in English country kitchen cabinets

Bright colors English country kitchen cabinets

Just like soft-toned matte paint, all kinds of traditional, untreated, and light-colored wood can be found here. White or cream colors can also be used for a more modern, airy interpretation of the English country style.

English country kitchen cabinet worktops, handles, and furniture

English country kitchen cabinets with natural stone countertop

The material for the worktop is primarily wood and natural stone, or the so-called Butcherblock worktop, which is reminiscent of the butcher block with its lively rod-like appearance. The type of wood can be selected according to your preference and color to match the front of the kitchen cabinet. Large, round wooden knobs or old-fashioned bow handles make the front of the country house more round. Kitchen buffets, plates or typical cabinets, and small wall closets with or without glass doors complement the English country kitchen.

Design for the cottage kitchen cabinet

As floor coverings, traditional wooden floors and wide, slightly worn boards are suitable. Red bricks look good on the walls, which acquire a noble patina over the years. The walls can also be painted traditionally in a modern English country kitchen.

Typical kitchen appliances in English country kitchens

Oversized sinks made of porcelain or ceramic are integrated into the kitchenette or kitchen island. This creates an authentic look combined with eye-catching, antique-looking chrome, nickel, or bronze fittings. A gas stove with a retro design or an old cast-iron furnace would be the first choice. But even modern stoves and ovens can be displayed with proper paneling, range hoods on chimney signs, or brick frames.

Buy an English country kitchen cabinet

How much does an English country kitchen cabinet cost?

If the planning is less generous, as with the cottage kitchen, it is also reflected in a lower price. As usual, unique precious woods or decorative elements can make the kitchen cabinet more expensive. However, decorative elements are used more sparingly here than, for example, in the rustic country kitchen cabinet.

Parlun also offers inexpensive kitchen cabinets from China in the English cottage style in our sample kitchen cabinet exchange.

Which manufacturer offers English country kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet from China

Parlun has fronts and equipment details in our range that match the English country kitchen style. Here it is not necessary to go to the carpenter since an English country kitchen cabinet can often be realized in this way. Our professionals will be happy to meet your planning needs.

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