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Natural stone countertops: noble appearance, but easy to stain

Natural stone countertop from Parlun

Do you want to bring a natural product that is thousands of years old into your kitchen? Then the natural stone is definitely the right material for your countertop. Natural stone countertops are made of granite, marble, slate, or limestone. In the following, we will introduce you to everything about natural stone.

Natural stone: the perfect material for countertops and kitchen niches

Natural stone countertops are suitable for almost every kitchen. Natural stone can also be used as a backsplash for niches.

Natural stone countertop design

You can use natural stone to create a uniform style in your kitchen, and there are some irregular patterns in natural stone, which is one of its characteristics. But you can hardly assess in advance how the natural stone will look after being used for a long time.

Tip: If you don’t want these changes, but don’t want to lose the look of natural stone, you can switch to a man-made stone countertop.


Advantages and disadvantages of natural stone slabs: are they suitable for daily use?

Natural stone countertops are not the cheapest option for countertops.

Disadvantages of natural stone: sensitivity

Many natural stone countertops are not completely unaffected by liquids. Those that are strongly stained, such as red wine or beet, can penetrate the pores causing unsightly stains. In addition, fruit acids or vinegar should not be left on countertops for long periods of time, as acids can corrode the stone.

clean natural stone countertop

Tip: In order to protect the natural stone from moisture, it must be impregnated regularly.

You can use traditional kitchen standard cleaners to clean kitchen countertops made of natural stone. It is important not to use very aggressive or abrasive cleaners or cleaning tools (wire sponges, etc.).

Advantages of natural stone: natural products with character

High-quality stone countertops are healthy and free of harmful substances. Parlun, kitchen cabinets manufacturer from China, pays great attention to the quality and origin of natural stone and offers certified natural stone countertops.

Optical surface of natural stone slabs

  • Natural stone is available in a variety of surfaces
  • Frosted texture
  • Satin
  • Fire burnished
  • Bronze

Known types of natural stone for kitchen countertops

The most popular stone is undoubtedly granite. Granite slabs are durable and ideal for use as worktops for heavy use. Because they are so well suited for everyday use, many manufacturers use only hard stones such as granite in their natural stone range. Other types of stone, such as marble, slate, or limestone, require careful maintenance and are sensitive, but they give the kitchen a very unique look and are therefore mainly found in designer kitchens with special requirements.

various of Natural stone countertop

Features of natural stone countertops:

  • High quality
  • Heat resistant
  • Resistant to cutting and scratching (granite or basalt)
  • Abrasion marks on soft stones such as marble or limestone
  • Absorbs liquids easily
  • impregnation
  • Food safe
  • Non-toxic

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