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Slate countertops are contemporary and unique

modern slate countertops

Slate has been used successfully as a roof tile for decades. The natural stone is also known as a floor covering. Slate countertops look very elegant and give the kitchen a unique feel.

Slate kitchen countertops: more color options than expected

Slate countertops impress with their characteristic dark color and suit a wide range of furniture styles. However, slate does not have to be dark, there are a number of other colors.

kitchen cabinet with light grey slate countertops
kitchen cabinet with light grey slate countertops

Available in the following shades of slate:

  • Black
  • Blue-gray
  • Slight red tones
  • Pale yellow tones

Shale is a dense sedimentary rock that was formed about 350 million years ago. The reason for its dark color is its composition. The easily divisible natural stone consists of clayey mud. The rock was formed because it was repeatedly exposed to intense pressure, great heat, and deformation.

Slate countertops: the advantages and disadvantages of elegant natural stone

Slate as a countertop is simple yet elegant. In a white kitchen, a dark slate countertop is a contrast to light-colored kitchen cabinets. Slate countertops can also be beautifully shaped in a wooden kitchen. The slightly rough and uneven surface of a slate countertop beautifully sets off its structure.

slate countertops with unique texture

Tip: Slate countertops have a lot of texture and are uneven, which can hinder kitchen work.


Slate slabs can be laid in a very thin design due to their high strength. As a result, the countertop looks smaller than a kitchen countertop made of solid wood.

Tip: Slate is not as hard as granite countertops and is not scratch resistant.


In case of impact, pieces can even fall out of the material. However, annoying scratches can be prevented by using a cutting board. Any scratches can be repaired with special care products.



Elegant optical effect  

Uneven stone surface

Sturdy natural stone

Not resistant to scratching

Enables very thin worktops

Not resistant to impact

Heat resistant


Insensitive to water


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