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Real wood countertops and solid wood countertops: countertops with a natural look

Real wood countertops from Parlun

Wood is a completely natural raw material with many ecological advantages compared to other materials. The key is that it is sustainable. Solid wood countertops and real wood countertops impress with their natural and unique look. We will tell you what to look for when using wooden countertops and how to distinguish between solid wood and wood look.

The versatile worktop for every kitchen

Wood is a natural and sustainable raw material with many ecological advantages. And it can be identified by environmental seals and certifications. Solid wood countertops and real wood countertops can be used in a variety of ways, and they are particularly popular in country kitchens. And they also look very calm and pleasant in combination with soft colors such as soft gray tones, and light beige or white tones for wooden countertops.

Solid wood countertops design

Tip: With a great variety of textures and shades of brown to choose from, wood kitchen countertops are suitable for any kitchen interior.


Real wood countertops

The difference between a real wood countertop and one that only has a wooden appearance is difficult to distinguish at first glance. However, after a closer inspection, it is obvious that they have different surface finishes. Kitchen countertops with laminated wood trim have an extremely flat surface. There are no pores or irregularities on the imitation. Same as real wood. It lacks the natural luster and warm, pleasant feel of natural products.

contemporary real wood countertops

TIP: Run your hand over the “wooden” worktop. If it is smooth and even, it cannot be real wood.

Wooden countertops in the kitchen: advantages and disadvantages

Countertops made of wood are undoubtedly beautiful and impress with their unique look. Niche designs made of wood are particularly popular at the moment. However, you should carefully consider whether to choose a wooden countertop, as it certainly requires regular maintenance.



Natural look

Increased maintenance workload

Copper green

Regular impregnation

Can be made into wood panels

Not resistant to moisture (wood will swell) and heat

Antibacterial effect

Sensitive to scratches

Large selection of wood species

Not resistant to cutting and impact

Natural look

Sensitive to light



Caring for wooden countertops: 3 practical tips for everyday kitchen use

Countertops are made of wood, either solid or decorated with veneer. They are particularly sensitive to water. The material is “hygroscopic” and as moisture is released, the wood expands and contracts. And countertops may warp or swell.

Tip: To prevent water damage and wood swelling, the worktop should be wiped down regularly with wood oil. But the wood will further darken.

Please also note that natural raw wood is neither resistant to cutting nor to scratching and impact. Signs of use are usually evident over time.

Tip: Never work directly on a wooden work surface or place hot cooking utensils on the work surface.

cleaning wooden countertops

Harder and fine-porous woods are particularly suitable for kitchen countertops. Due to their natural hardness, they are better protected against minor bumps and scratches. In particular, hardwoods such as beech or maple are particularly suitable for use as countertops. On the other hand, soft hardwoods and conifers such as spruce or alder are considered to be very sensitive.

 Tip: If scratches bother you, you can sand the wood off. However, please contact a professional person.

The differences between real wood, solid wood, and wood reproduction

When you search for the right wooden countertops, you will come across different terms.

  • solid wood
  • real wood
  • wood effect

But what exactly distinguishes the individual kitchen countertops made of wood?

Solid wood countertops:

Kitchen countertops can be described as solid if they are made entirely of solid wood. Solid wood countertops are usually made up of individual, glued solid wood elements

Countertops made of real wood:

The term ” real wood ” is generally used to distinguish wooden countertops from laminate wood reproductions. A real wood countertop consists of a wooden core panel that is finished with a real wood veneer. A thin layer of wood made from maple wood, for example. Veneered countertops are lighter and usually cheaper than solid wood countertops.

Wood imitation countertops:

This is a wood-trimmed and man-made worktop variant. During production, thin plastic panels or wood decors such as the veneer are connected to a carrier panel. Laminate countertops with a wood look are a cheap alternative to real wood.

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