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A wall light is not simply an alternative to a ceiling light. Of course, indoor wall sconces provide light and can give essential brightness. But the indoor wall sconces will always appear in our field of vision; they can provide lighting function and be designed as an interior decoration element.

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How do I choose suitable indoor wall sconces?

Think about it from the start: in which room will you install the indoor wall sconces? The style of the wall sconces should match the decoration of the room. Because some indoor wall lamps are more decorative, and some are only practical lighting functions. When used for decoration, the shape of indoor wall sconces is all the exquisite designers’ works. The luminescence is only a part of it; creating brightness plays a secondary role. Its mission is to decorate the room beautifully.

What kind of indoor wall sconces do you need?

The way of the indoor wall sconces display

Indoor wall sconces can be displayed in two ways: through their lampshade or the shape of the light. For example, the conical light source is excellent for decorating the living room or dining room. The space will be beautiful, comparable to poshest restaurants and hotel lobbies!

On the other hand, the choice of the lampshade is an important question: what style of indoor wall sconces do you need? Wall sconces can be very simple and modern or crucial room decoration. So, your first concern is the lampshade style, Such as:

  • shiny brass/gold indoor wall sconces
  • modern LED indoor wall sconces
  • classic indoor wall sconces
  • rustic country indoor wall sconces
  • glittering crystal indoor wall sconces
  • cozy textile indoor wall sconces
  • extravagant designer indoor wall sconces
  • beautiful wooden indoor wall sconces

That’s not all; there are thousands of styles of wall sconces; choose an indoor wall sconce according to your favorite style or match the style of your home.

What can indoor wall sconces be for you?

Indoor wall sconces for essential lighting

Suppose you have a power connection on the wall but not on the ceiling. In that case, you should choose bright indoor wall sconces with many lumens, which can provide essential brightness. Wall sconces that go up and down or shine into the wall are ideal.

Indoor wall sconces for area lighting

These include wall spotlights or wall downlights that can replace lamps on bedside tables and illuminate sideboards and armchairs, etc. It is used with pictures, paintings, and walls with vacation photos and will only shine in designated areas; it will not illuminate the rest of the room.

How high should indoor wall sconces be hung?

In general: Avoid looking directly at the bulb. Otherwise, it may make you feel dizzy. This situation compromises the comfort of life! It is best to use a wall light with the light outlet up and down; our engineers recommend that you install it in the upper third of the wall.

At the same time, this ensures the best perception of the luminaire in the room. When the home has beautiful indoor wall sconces, friends will be in a good mood when they see them at first sight.

But be careful: if there is seating nearby, make sure the bulbs cannot be seen from the seating when installing the indoor wall sconces.

Of course, there are also indoor wall sconces that are not dazzling. For example, those wall sconces with satin shades cover the light enough to prevent glare—but hardly reduce brightness. These lights are ubiquitous for bathroom and mirror lights and LED lights.


How do you install indoor wall sconces?

In principle, you should install the indoor wall light where you cannot directly see the light source. Almost no glare when installed about 5 cm above the eye level, and the installation height is usually 1.70 m to 1.80 m.

You must observe the instructions in the respective operating instructions and the safety instructions during the assembly itself. Parlun recommends professional installation by a qualified electrician. Your safety comes first!

What if it’s just a lamp with a cable and plug?

You need to mount it on the wall and plug the socket; it will work.

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