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The stately country kitchen cabinets – kitchen cabinets in the style of the old castle

Stately Country Kitchen Cabinets

Do you want to live a feudal life as stately as a royal manor? For example, you can bring the charm of old mansions into your home through the English landlord’s kitchen cabinet.

Stately Country Kitchen Cabinets design

Stately, country kitchen cabinets in an old castle kitchen style immediately catches the eye due to numerous decorative elements. Combined with metal details and filigree decorations, the kitchen cabinet looks very pompous.

Characteristics of the stately country kitchen cabinet:

  • Magnificent style, rich decorative elements
  • Spacious planning with ample storage space and kitchen island 
  • Pastel frame fronts or antique wooden fronts
  • Antique metal or porcelain handles with a stately design 
  • Kitchen appliances in royal colors with gold, copper, or brass elements

Stately = spacious: country kitchen with cooking island and many cabinets

country kitchen with cooking island

In this style, country house kitchen cabinets are designed to be stately and spacious. A big cooking island is just as crucial as many cabinets. Therefore, there is no lack of storage space in the stately country kitchen cabinet.

Typical kitchen cabinet fronts in the stately country kitchen

The classic composition of the kitchen cabinet fronts with attached frames in elegant pastel colors brings the Edwardian era back to life. After antique processing, a natural front made of wood veneer or solid wood is also an ideal choice.

Eye-catching decorative elements for the stately country style

country kitchen with copper handles

Elaborate profiling, cornices, pilasters, and turned columns are the essential details in a stately kitchen cabinet. Rounded fronts in some places, such as the spacious kitchen island area, make the country kitchen cabinet look even more stately. Antique handles made of brass or copper with an ornate look provide a special feeling. Rounded shapes and elaborately decorated worktop edges make the look of a castle kitchen cabinet perfect.

Kitchen cabinet design for the stately country kitchen

stately country kitchen design

Antique series range cookers are the built-in kitchen appliances of choice. In terms of exhaust, island hoods or wall extractor hoods in copper or brass are the best choices. Large sinks or so-called sinks made of ceramic, brass, or copper are reminiscent of old washbasins and look particularly good in combination with traditional wall fittings or washbasins.

Buy a stately country kitchen cabinet

How much does a stately country kitchen cabinet cost?

Stately, country kitchen cabinets must be carefully planned and require craftsmanship. They are usually unique works made by carpenters. The kitchen style thrives on stately and detailed decorative elements and ornaments. High-quality natural materials, such as natural stone and precious wood, and personalized equipment solutions, make stately kitchens very expensive. However, you can buy the stately kitchen cabinets with affordable price from China.

Also, please take a look at our model kitchen cabinet exchange. Country kitchen cabinets are offered here as inexpensive samples.

Which manufacturer offers stately country kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

You can get a stately country kitchen cabinet with an authentic look from Parlun. We offer individual solutions and options and specialize in manual production.

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