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Mediterranean country kitchen cabinets – Finca and French country style

Mediterranean Country Kitchen Cabinets

The interior design of the Mediterranean style brings sunshine from Spain, Italy, or southern France into the house. This trend also occupies a place in the kitchen cabinet industry. Customers are interested in sunny country kitchen cabinets in Malocan, Tuscan, or Provencal styles.

Mediterranean Country Kitchen Cabinets

Whether it’s French country house style, Italian country house kitchen cabinet, or Mediterranean style kitchen cabinet: soft, warm colors and natural materials are everything here. Special Southern-style, exuding light and joyful life, is achieved through finely rounded edges and pleasant surfaces.

Characteristics of the Mediterranean country kitchen cabinets:

  • Exudes lightness, warmth, and southern style
  • Fronts often painted in soft tones
  • Soft, warm colors, natural materials, Mediterranean elements such as mosaics and woven baskets
  • Rounded edges

Mediterranean joys of life: light-colored and pine wood kitchen cabinet fronts

light color Mediterranean Country Kitchen Cabinets

The typical Mediterranean style is pine wood. A coat of paint in white or other pastel tones creates the desired relaxed atmosphere. In addition, you can also find ornate kitchen fronts, for example, painted with Mediterranean details or carvings.

Handles and decorative elements of Mediterranean country kitchen cabinets

Depending on the front of the kitchen cabinet helps match the handle. In many collections, there are nostalgic woven handles or elaborately designed buttons. In addition, garland strips are the decorative elements of choice here.

What worktop for the Mediterranean country house style?

Mediterranean Country Kitchen Cabinets with natural stone worktops

Natural stone countertops are most suitable for Mediterranean country kitchen cabinets. The beautifully patterned granite countertops are visually attractive and easy to maintain and stabilize. Marble countertops give the country kitchen cabinets a noble appearance and Mediterranean style.

Kitchen cabinet design in Southern-style

Kitchen cabinet with masonry wall

Kitchen walls are typically designed with masonry, stone, or tiles. The goal is to make the material look as rough and natural as possible. In modern interpretations of Mediterranean country style, color coatings with a wiping or sponge technique can appear exceptionally light and idyllic. Terracotta tiles or stone tiles are suitable for floor coverings. Mosaics bring an extra dose of southern flavor to the kitchen cabinet.

Buy a Mediterranean Country Kitchen cabinet

How much does a Mediterranean country kitchen cabinet cost?

Every detail, such as painted kitchen cabinet fronts or rounded edges, comes at a price. Solid wood kitchen cabinets made by carpenters are the most expensive. However, pinewood, which is very popular due to its Mediterranean feeling, is significantly cheaper than, for example, precious wood.

Are you looking for a cheap country kitchen cabinet? At Parlun, you can easily buy kitchen cabinets from China with affordable price.

Which manufacturer offers French, Italian, or Mediterranean country kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Parlun offers an extensive range of kitchen cabinets of different Mediterranean elements, which can be combined into such a kitchen landscape. If you have problems, please get in touch with us, the qualified  manufacturer of country kitchen cabinets from China and therefore convince with high quality at attractive prices.

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