Kitchen Front:

Parlun’s kitchen fronts are made of high-quality materials. When you pick a kitchen front, do you go for minimalist or flashy? Matte or high-gloss? Plastic or other materials? When choosing a kitchen front, the most important thing is that you will love it for years and never get tired of looking at it.

In the section below, we introduce you to the respective price ranges and specific properties of kitchen fronts in various materials.

Melamine kitchen cabinets design

Advantages of Melamine front

Various colors and decorations

Scratch and impact resistant

Heat, acid, and UV resistant

Easy to care for

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Melamine front:

cheap and versatile

If you are price sensitive? Then our melamine panels are your best choice. Kitchen fronts are durable and hard-wearing, available in a wide range of colors and surface designs, as well as a very authentic wood look. Melamine fronts are made from particle board or MDF board and can be finished or coated with a variety of resin-soaked decorative papers. This “hot pressing” makes the front strong. And it is possible to change the decoration according to the latest production trends, so melamine resin always keeps you up to date. Melamine is not a natural material. The laminate front reproduces the appearance of wood more realistically.

Painted laminate front panels:


We have a vast resource of painted laminate front panels for kitchens, so we guarantee to meet your taste and budget expectations. Whether matte or high-gloss, simple or brightly colored, anything is possible. In the manufacturing process of this surface variant, paint is applied to a plastic layer and then pressed onto a strong MDF board. This is not complicated and therefore somewhat cheaper than painted panels. Since painted laminates are less resistant to scratches, we must pay more attention to knives and sharp objects.

Painted laminate kitchen cabinets design

Advantages and disadvantages of painted laminate fronts


Available in a variety of colors


Less expensive than real lacquer, glass or wood panels


Less resistant to scratching than other materials

Relatively low reflection

Advantages and disadvantages of Laminate fronts



Easy to care for

Hard, extremely scratch and impact resistant


Less choice of colors and shapes than other kitchen fronts

Laminate fronts:

the choice of most people

Laminate fronts are produced by pressing a high-quality man-made board coated with decorative paper and a clear overlay. This coating is thicker, harder and non-porous. This is why this kitchen front is slightly more expensive. With post-forming, the corners and edges are also coated, so the surface is seamless and free of moisture, which is perfect for home kitchens.

Lacquered kitchen fronts:

the kitchen front winner

A lacquered front will exude a unique charm. The material is completely sealed several times with varnish. This imparts a beautiful sheen that looks so elegant, beautiful, and pure. If you prefer silky fronts, then you will love our soft matte lacquer. In daily life, our kitchen lacquer is loved for its easy-care properties, so it’s perfect for everyday use. Unfortunately, fingerprints from children’s fingers can be visible, and in the home kitchen, kitchen fronts made from solid wood or matte versions may be better.

Their complex manufacturing process makes the lacquer finish very special. As a result, these kitchen fronts are in the medium to high price range.

Advantages and disadvantages of the lacquer front


Variety of color options


Available in matte and glossy finishes

Easy to clean


Fingerprints are more visible on the high-gloss front

Glass front kitchen cabinets design

Advantages of Glass front


High gloss

Matte and glossy surfaces available

Modern and eye-catching

Glass panels are popular in more expensive areas

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Glass fronts:

classy and sturdy

Make your new kitchen eye-catching with Parlun’s glass fronts. In terms of style, glass is on trend in the kitchen because it is elegant. Secondly, the glass we use for kitchen fronts and countertops is extremely tough. glass fronts from Parlun consist of a synthetic panel as a carrier material, safety glass, and special protection around the edges. This makes your kitchen life comfortable and safe.


Our glass panels are extremely robust. But like all shiny things, fingerprints show up easily on them. That’s why you should have a microfiber cloth, especially if you have children at home.

Real wood veneer fronts:


Everything here is real: the smell, the grain, the look. Each wood front is unique. Real wood fronts create a warm, cozy character in every kitchen. This is perfect for country kitchens, but also for Scandinavian minimalist design. The veneer frame and infill create a uniform look. A special coating protects the wood and makes it hard-wearing.


All kitchens with real wood veneer are stamped and therefore easily distinguishable from reproductions.

Advantages and disadvantages of real wood veneer front


Natural, renewable raw materials


Individual optics

Original Comfort


Not as robust as a solid wood front kitchen

Advantages and disadvantages of Concrete front


Absolute stability

Authentic eye-catching

Distinctive copper green color will develop over time


Concrete front is heavier than other materials

Concrete Front:

Industrial Style

Concrete is a stylish material. It provides a unique atmosphere for your design kitchen and it is impressive with its versatility. Parlun’s concrete fronts are available in dark and light colors. Because solid concrete fronts are so heavy, you will also find similar-looking ceramic or plastic imitations in our kitchen fronts collection. Cement processed into fair-faced concrete and applied to a wood substrate also has a very realistic effect.

Over time, the concrete will develop a coppery green color. This makes the look become special.

Stone front panels:

original and modern

Stone may have been on the planet for billions of years, but it’s still popular in modern kitchens. The material is so original that it would go perfectly with a country kitchen and is so advanced that it can be adapted to any modern kitchen. It adds a stylish touch to any type of kitchen. And for a lighter, cheaper stone look, you’ll find a large selection of stone finishes at Parlun which are in no way inferior to solid stone slabs. They’re also strong surfaces that are easy to care for.


Solid stone facades are heavy and more expensive. Veneer with the appearance of the stone is cheaper and lighter, but it does not achieve the copper green effect of natural stone.

Stone kitchen cabinets design

Advantages and disadvantages of Stone front panels


Both original and modern



High price

stainless steel kitchen cabinets design

Advantages of the industrial steel front



Can be used in the harshest conditions

Absolutely robust and durable


Easy to care for

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Industrial steel fronts:


A few years ago, when mentioning kitchens made of industrial steel, you would think of cafeterias. But now, design icons and premium kitchen appliances made of stainless steel bring a new sense of style to our kitchens. At Parlun, we make cooking fun with our exceptionally pure and hygienic industrial steel front panels.

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