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Scandinavian style country kitchen cabinets

Scandinavian Style Country Kitchen Cabinets

Cool and modern Scandinavian country kitchen cabinets

The Nordic country kitchen cabinets, scored with the modern restraint and grace of a Scandinavian lifestyle, are gaining popularity. With their cool and practical designs, they have created a transition to classic kitchen cabinets, sometimes even reminding you of modern design kitchen cabinets

modern Scandinavian country kitchen cabinets

Scandinavian country house kitchens consciously abandon the typical decorations of country houses and are therefore very modern and timeless.


Characteristics of Scandinavian country kitchen cabinets:

  • Cool country house style, simple decorative elements 
  • White dominates the front design, but there are also light gray and blue tones 
  • Light-colored wood
  • Box front or frame front with a discreet frame
  • Small button handles and no embellishments

Scandinavian style kitchen cabinet fronts: white and simple

white scandinavian style kitchen cabinet

Scandinavian country house kitchen cabinets can also use white high-gloss fronts or solid wood fronts in cool grey tones. However, the plaid and frame fronts, arches, and profiles are indispensable in the Nordic interpretation of the country house style. These sometimes contrast in the tones of ocean blue with the sober white that dominates the fronts of Scandinavian kitchen cabinets.

What worktops are suitable for Scandinavian country kitchen cabinets?

Scandinavian country kitchen cabinets with wooden countertop

The most popular worktops are wooden countertops, particularly coordinated with white kitchen furniture. On the other hand, a natural stone or a simple white plastic worktop is suitable for a darker or gray solid wood front in the Scandinavian country-style background.

Kitchen cabinet design in Scandinavian country style

A rustic wall and floor design can recapture the desired country house atmosphere when the front and furniture are already reserved and cool. This works most authentically in a typical Scandinavian wooden house, but the wood paneling on the walls can also achieve the desired effect.

Scandinavian country style kitchen cabinets design

Since the conception of Scandinavian country kitchen cabinets corresponds in many respects to contemporary kitchen cabinet ideas, appliances with a modern design are used. The refrigerator, cooker, dishwasher, etc., with elements made of chrome or stainless steel, even fit well into the bright overall appearance visually. The sinks and fittings are also modern.

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