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Tips for detailed planning of your country kitchen cabinets

Country Kitchen Cabinets

When planning country kitchen cabinets, people are faced with various design options. Whether you like gorgeous embellishment and playful design or simple, straightforward style and few decorative elements, it is up to you. To maintain a clear view of all the details and decorative elements, we try to help you plan your country kitchen cabinet below.

Tip 1: Plan the right shape for your country kitchen cabinet

open style Country Kitchen Cabinets

The cozy and communicative charm of the country kitchen cabinet is particularly popular with families. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is often planned as a family kitchen or an open kitchenU-shaped or L-shaped kitchen cabinets provide spacious storage space and can be combined with cooking islands and dining areas. There is usually no room for a cooking island and a dining area in kitchenettes. However, with a compact plan, country villas can be here.

Tip 2: Choose a country style

The use of decorative elements should be carefully considered because the expression of the country house style depends on how many elements are planned and how complex they are. Therefore, consider in advance which country house style you want and how much the country character should determine the look of the kitchen cabinet.

modern style country kitchen cabinets

First, you should be clear about whether it should be a classic country kitchen cabinet in a rustic style or an interpretation of a modern country kitchen cabinet. We define ourselves as a stately country house style for the particularly gorgeous kitchen cabinet planning. The decision for or against the individual decorative elements is a good indicator of what kind of country kitchen cabinet should move into your four walls.

Decorative elements of the country kitchen cabinet at a glance:

  • Frame and panel structure of kitchen cabinet front
  • Handles and knobs in country kitchen cabinets: Mediterranean woven handles, finely decorated porcelain buttons, antique brass or copper handles, or simply stainless steel handle strips
  • Pilaster and pillar between furniture or at the front end of the kitchen cabinet
  • Lace and decorative strips on the upper edge of shelves, closets, or shelves
  • Railings and cornices
  • Decoration
  • Hinges, brass, and copper fittings

Decorative elements country kitchen

The use of stylistic elements requires intuition. Soon, the kitchen will look overloaded. If you want a country kitchen cabinet, you should turn to an expert for advice. You can contact our professional consultants from Parlun, a qualified manufacturer of high-quality country kitchen cabinets from China and therefore convince with an extensive range at attractive prices.

Tip 3: Create a country-style design concept in your kitchen

The country style in the kitchen cabinet can be achieved with small tricks. After all, selecting furniture and design elements in the country house kitchen cabinet is particularly large.

Open shelves in the country kitchen cabinet

country style kitchen cabinets with open shelves

Typical country styles are, for example, open shelvesshelves with drawers, or open kitchen cabinets. There are also niche shelves, top shelves, end shelves, consoles, or plate shelves to quickly and easily create a country house. The shelf can be used as a niche design, a direct attachment to the worktop, or fixed to the wall as separate furniture.

Cabinet with lead glass doors and bars

country kitchen cabinet with glass

In addition to traditional glass doors, lead glass doors or beautiful bars can also be attached to cabinets, kitchen buffets, or your country kitchen cabinet doors.

Sinks for the country kitchen cabinet

country kitchen cabinets with ceramic sink

Sinks and basins can be the absolute eye-catching place in the country kitchen cabinet. In principlethe traditional stainless steel sink is also suitable for the atmosphere of a country house. However, ceramics with round edges are perfect for washing. You can also consider oversized porcelain pots, stone sinks, or freestanding sinks.

Fittings for the country kitchen cabinet

The fittings of your country kitchen cabinet should be functional and aesthetic. It depends on the style of the kitchen and other environments. Fittings can be flashy and playful and play an eye-catching role. Or rather, it is design-oriented to emphasize the modern characteristics of country kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen appliances – modern appliance technology in a nostalgic design

country kitchen cabinet with modern appliance

Many kitchen appliance manufacturers offer state-of-the-art kitchen appliances that stylistically integrate harmoniously into the country kitchen concept. Consistent – the gas stove. And the electric stove and radiation grill are also available in typical country house design. Fan modules built into conversion cabinets transform technically flawless ventilation technology into a stylish extractor hood disguised as a chimney. They can be used as both solutions to the island and traditional smog. Refrigerators and freezers can choose a retro design. If you have any problems, it is best to contact our professional consultants who will offer you advice about choosing kitchen appliances.

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