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Modern country kitchen cabinets – The integration of tradition and modernity

Modern Country Kitchen Cabinets

Country kitchen cabinets can be designed modernly, using color or simple accessories, granite worktops, or stainless steel open shelves. Modern country kitchen cabinets are more transparent and straightforward than classic ones. Straight shapes, discreet decorative elements, and personalized solutions constitute a modern interpretation of the country kitchen cabinet.

modern country kitchen cabinets

Bright or trendy colors dominate in the modern country kitchen cabinet. Natural materials, especially wood, remain an essential feature, but the processing, such as the fronts, is much more functional than the rustic country kitchen cabinet.

Features of the modern country kitchen cabinets:

  • Restrained design without eye-catching decorative elements
  • Simple frame fronts with filigree framing
  • Design in bright, neutral white, gray, or pastel tones, but also solid colors or trendy black
  • Handles and components made of stainless steel, including handle-less fronts
  • Combination of different materials
  • Often planned as an open kitchen with an island

Typical kitchen cabinet fronts of the modern country kitchen

modern light blue country kitchen

In the case of a box front or kitchen cabinet front with a vertical plank structure, sober and clear lines are highlighted. Modern country kitchen cabinets are equipped with several simple decorative elements which do not dominate the kitchen cabinet. Modern country kitchen cabinets also have a wide range of colorsWhite kitchen cabinets and light colors are trendy, but expressive colors such as mint, grey, blue, or black are also popular.

Open and communicative: kitchens with cooking island, seating area, and kitchen buffet

country kitchens with cooking island

Like the traditional country house style, the modern style increasingly relies on open plans with cooking islands. Therefore, the kitchen becomes a place for communication, and the whole family feels comfortable. Individual pieces of furniture from the country house segment are often included in modern country kitchen cabinets, such as a traditional kitchen buffet with lead glass doors, corner benches, and modern seating areas.

Modern country-style worktops

Wooden worktops and natural stone worktops are mainly used. But of course, ceramic worktops or artificial stone worktops with a grain similar to stone are also suitable. This country style is firmly based on modern kitchen cabinets.

Handles of the modern country kitchen cabinet

modern country kitchen with copper handles

You are also free to choose the appropriate handle or button. Depending on the folklore and playfulness of the front, simple, modern metal buttons or antique woven handles would be better. To enhance the contemporary appearance of the country kitchen cabinet, the front part of the frame can also be planned without a handle.

Kitchen appliances in modern country style

Appliances with a linear design are well integrated into the minimalist style of modern country kitchen cabinets and fit better than retro kitchen appliances. Instead of oversized porcelain sinks with traditional washbasin fittings, flush-mounted sinks and modern fittings are ideal.

Design of Modern Country kitchen cabinet

Modern Country kitchen cabinet design

Too much decoration should be avoided to ensure that the country kitchen cabinet does not lose any modernity. The characteristics of modern country villas are highlighted by light-colored wood floors, providing comfort simultaneously. Modern tile or linoleum floors can also be used, but they help create a relaxed atmosphere. The monochrome walls without patterns are in harmony with the pure style of modern country kitchen cabinets.

Buying a modern country kitchen cabinet

How much does a modern country kitchen cabinet cost?

Wood and natural materials make up the modern country kitchen cabinet. You can add equipment details such as handle-free fronts or a spacious kitchen island, depending on your preference. Therefore, you will get a kitchen cabinet in a modern country house style in the upper price range. Promotional kitchen cabinets in a country house style are significantly cheaper. Therefore, it is advisable to look at our sample kitchen cabinet exchange.

Which manufacturer offers modern country kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

You can get modern country kitchen cabinets that combine modern and classic stylistic elements from Parlun, a qualified manufacturer of high-quality modern country kitchen cabinets from China and therefore convince with an extensive range at attractive prices.

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