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G-shaped kitchens – luxury feeling in your home

G-shaped kitchens

Unlike kitchenettes which only occupy wall space, a G-shaped kitchen is almost “surrounded” by the kitchen. Well-thought-out planning has brought many benefits. But be careful: Mistakes in the plan can quickly ruin the fun of cooking, especially in the G-shaped kitchen. 

Characteristics of a G-shaped kitchen

A G-shaped kitchen consists of four kitchenettes. If a row is not shortened, they will form a closed rectangle together. A passage is created by shortening one side, often planned as a counter or dining area. In this respect, the G-shaped kitchen is similar to the U-kitchen, except that another short row is added. 

G-shaped kitchen layout

G-shaped kitchens achieve the best results in storage space, available space, and worktops. Tableware, cutlery, groceries, food processors, baking utensils, cans, and more are functional in a G-shaped kitchen. The corners of the G-shaped kitchen can be cleverly used with sophisticated corner cabinets.

Planning a G-shaped kitchen

G-shaped kitchens are common in large kitchens or open kitchens. Shortened lines usually extend into the room, separating the kitchen from the living area. Because the G-shaped kitchen has an additional kitchenette compared with the U-shaped kitchen, it needs a certain amount of space. Of course, 15 square meters above is ideal for a G-shaped kitchen.

planning G-shaped kitchen

The distance between the opposite kitchenettes should be kept at about 1 meter to have enough space to move around. It is better to be longer in an extended family so that several people can get unimpeded there. A G-shaped kitchen is not a suitable choice for a narrow kitchen.

What problems may arise when planning a G-shaped kitchen?

The smaller the floor area, the more difficult it is to cook together in a G-shaped kitchen, where it is difficult to avoid each other. Before planning, you should clarify your cooking habits and consider them. It is generally recommended to use U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens for smaller areas.

If in doubt, you can create your kitchen plan with our kitchen expert to get a free G-shaped kitchen catalog or contact our specialist advisor for customized planning.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a G-shaped kitchen


Storage space, storage space, storage space – the G-shaped kitchen shows its strengths where a lot of space is needed for plates, cups, cutlery, kitchen machines, fully automatic coffee machines, Tupperware cans, and all kinds of kitchen odds and ends. No type of kitchen offers more space with optimal planning.

Surrounded by your kitchen-this saves long distances in the cooking process and optimizes the workflow. The precise structure of the work area improves the efficiency of the kitchen routine. Besides, because everything is well accommodated, it is easier to keep order. All residents can find what they are looking for faster.

large worktop G-shaped kitchen

The large worktop is very suitable for storage space and food preparation together. Therefore, a dining area can also be integrated into the kitchen. This is why a G-shaped kitchen is trendy in families with several children.


Especially when there are several users in the kitchen and drawers and cupboards have to be opened, the internal space of the G-shaped kitchen cannot be planned too tightly. Otherwise, there is not enough space, and cooking in a team loses all its appeal. On the other hand, the walking distance will be extended if the internal space is planned too wide. You must go deeper into your pocket in terms of price because there are many kinds of built-in cabinets.

G-shaped kitchen: Advantages and Disadvantages at a glance


  • More than enough storage space
  • Large worktops
  • suitable for extended families
  • Clear division of the working areas
  • Short walking distance


  • Generally higher price due to the amount of kitchen furniture
  • Internal planning is too narrow: limited freedom of movement 
  • Internal planning is too spacious: long walking distance 

Buying a G-shaped kitchen

How much does a G-shaped kitchen cost?

As for the price of a G-shaped kitchen, it is the same as that of a U-shaped kitchen. Both types have a large number of built-in cabinets, which create storage space, but also push up the price. In addition, planning work is usually more than L-shaped kitchen, double-line kitchen, or simple kitchenette. This is also reflected in the price.

Where can I buy a G-shaped kitchen?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Suppose you want to buy a high-quality G-shaped kitchen. In that case, you can get inspiration and advice from Parlun, a qualified manufacturer of high-quality kitchen cabinets from China and therefore convince with an extensive range at attractive prices.

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