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Oak windows – a symbol of eternity

Oak windows

Plastic windows with decor or wooden windows with oak glaze

Convince yourself of thermal insulation, energy efficiency, security, sound insulation, and an impressive variety of materials. Parlun offers plastic windows with wood decors, natural oak, light oak, dark oak, or the popular Golden Oak. The wide range includes wooden windows with glazes in dark or light oak.

  • Excellent energy efficiency and security
  • Available with shutters, awnings, and insect screens
  • Available with innovative mushroom head locking system
  • Individually configurable, long service life
  • Available in wood glazes or wood decors

Plastic windows with oak look

The oak is a symbol of eternity

Wood with a long tradition: the oak is considered a symbol of eternity. It is said that an oak life outlasts 30 generations. Therefore, with proper care and maintenance, windows in oak are convinced with pronounced longevity, which pays off in the long run. You save money and get a durable window solution.

Decors and glazes in oak are more popular than ever

The proven variety of materials at Parlun allows you to put together your window. Choose between plastic windows with a diverse selection of oak decors. You can also choose wooden or wood-aluminum windows with dark oak or light oak glazes. Even nowadays, wood decors are trendy and are always used on your own four walls.

The numerous advantages of oak

advantages of plastic windows with oak decors

Modern windows in oak decor convince with optimal thermal insulation and security. Excellent energy efficiency is the decisive factor for many customers.

Our windows come with excellent sound insulation, high wind, driving rain tightness, and a wide range of individual accessories, which you can get to know via Parlun.

Our plastic windows are high-quality, thanks to the stable and heat-insulating multi-chamber profile, and are available in various oak decors: natural, light, dark, or golden oak. We also offer wooden and wood-aluminum windows in the light oak glaze.

Use the variety of materials and the advantages of each material – optimal thermal insulation, long life, or excellent dimensional stability. Try out the different variants from Parlun and thus create your window.

Wooden windows with glaze in dark oak and light oak

For nature lovers, wood as a renewable resource is precisely the right choice. It has high stability and excellent thermal insulation. However, the warm appearance and strong character make a wooden window special. Grain and glaze create a fantastic look and make the window a real eye-catcher. Emphasize your wooden window’s clear and strong nature with the glaze of dark oak or light oak. The glaze makes the window look robust yet elegant and helps to create a natural atmosphere in your home. In addition, the glaze helps to prevent fungal decay and weather damage in the long term.

High-quality materials, loving workmanship

Parlun gives you a choice! Choose additional accessories or combine the windows with other products – such as balcony doors or sliding doors. Our construction elements are created and processed with an innovative and modern manufacturing process – we benefit from the years of experience of our employees. Window solutions with decors or glazes in oak convince with extreme durability and elegance. Support the coziness of your home and choose a solution with exceptional durability – so that you can also live happily with it for a very long time.

Frequently asked questions about oak window color

windows from China

Which house color is suitable for oak windows?

If you have windows in oak color, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of facade color to make the overall picture harmonious. Different colors are possible depending on the type of oak color you choose. You can combine natural-colored oak with both intense and pastel colors. In particular, the colors blue, turquoise, and green are very suitable for oak. You can’t go wrong with white wall color with all oak tones, especially if the grain is strong. It would help if you stuck more to the light color range with dark oak tones. Again, stick with natural colors like green.

What is the cost of windows in oak colors?

The price of windows in oak depends on the individual configuration. You will be in the higher price segment with real wood windows in oak. But with plastic windows, you can also easily create a wood look, with the difference that they are available at a low price. From Parlun, you can put together your window according to your ideas and at the same time see the price for it. You can also find more information about this in the window prices.

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