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What are modern windows?

modern windows

Thanks to new technologies and high-quality materials, modern windows often have excellent properties that distinguish them from old windows. They are an indispensable part of modern building construction and fulfill many functions. These include greater living comfort, better security, and high energy efficiency due to thermal insulation glazing, saving on winter heating costs. Furthermore, modern window systems can be designed individually and are highly affordable, especially in the case of plastic windows.

modern window

How are modern windows composed?

Are you wondering what should be considered when assembling a modern window? At Parlun buildings, we will enlighten you about the appropriate window configuration!

A modern window design consists of many components. The most important choice is the profile material. From Parlun, modern windows are made of plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, and wood-aluminum profiles. Plastic and wood-aluminum windows are considered modern window profiles, which can easily be realized in your choice’s colors and window sizes. You can even order fully customized windows from us accurately to the millimeter.

Large windows are often designed for new building complexes. These provide you with plenty of daylight and visually enlarge the room. You can design the facades of modern new buildings in the form of floor-to-ceiling windows or room-high windows. Large windows with narrow frames look particularly elegant as frameless windows.

Modern windows in different materials

  • Plastic windows
  • Wooden windows
  • Aluminum windows
  • Wood-aluninum windows
different materials for windows

Each frame material has its pros and cons. Plastic is inexpensive and a good all-rounder. Wood has a particularly warm appearance as a natural and renewable raw material. Aluminum is highly stable and durable. The wood-aluminum composite combines the potent properties of both materials and has excellent thermal insulation.

Possibilities of modern window design

Modern windows have excellent properties, but they can also be configured and individualized. An extensive collection of frame materials, window colors, decors, and different types of bars allow creative freedom.

Special glazing can optionally provide privacy, increased thermal insulation, soundproofing, or sun protection for the window, while high-quality window fittings offer increased security. With a wide range of window shapes and tailor-made production, windows are conceivable for every task and location, whether in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, office, garden shed, or balcony.

Tempered safety glass for windows 

There is also a large selection of window accessories: window sills in various decors, window grilles, and insect screens against all kinds of pests, and roller shutters with optional electronic control bring new functions and thus even more comfort for your window. Discover the wide design variety of modern windows from Parlun!

Custom-made modern windows

Configure modern windows easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them at Parlun.

Achievements of the window industry – Modern windows

Products evolve. There are also new achievements in the window industry. Due to the constant change, it is not so easy to define what is modern. Nevertheless, some features distinguish modern windows and revolutionize the window industry. The keywords are energy efficiency, safety, comfort, and design.

To understand the comprehensive development of thermal insulation in windows, it is best to consider the U-value or heat transfer coefficient. It is always true that the lower the value, the better the insulation. Modern windows with triple glazing often achieve a U-value better than one. Just 50 years ago, single-glazed windows were the standard, usually having a U-value higher than four.

Things have also changed when it comes to comfort. Modern windows can be equipped with overall electronic systems such as electric windows. Coupling with mobile phones and heating systems is possible. Finally, modern windows convince with their design and new safety constructions, such as safety glass.

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