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What are lattice windows?

lattice windows

About lattice windows

Lattice windows are one of the oldest designs for large windows. It was not technically possible to produce large window surfaces with just one glass pane in earlier times. For this reason, several smaller window glasses were put together and connected by window bars. Today, lattice windows primarily meet visual requirements, while they are in no way inferior to standard windows in terms of energy efficiency, sound insulation, and security. They are valued as a popular style element though the price is usually expensive.

Types of lattice windows

A lattice window gives your facade a whole new look, and lattices are integrated into the window as a stylistic device nowadays. Whether for single-family houses or apartments in old buildings, your window facade will gain a warm charm with lattices.

Lattice windows are totally in trend. Even in the cities, they are used more and more often. People often try to imitate a beautiful country house style with lattice windows. 

Do you already have a suitable window and want to retrofit the lattice? No problem! Parlun has optimal solutions for this. You will find various internal, external, and glass-dividing lattices in our range.

In particular, lattice windows made of wood are often used for historic preservation windows. You can also create a beautiful wood look with a plastic profile. The plastic window is available in many brown tones with grains and patterns like natural wood.

wooden lattice windows

Lattice windows are divided into three types:

In the first type of lattice window, glazing bars are located between the panes (SZR), and they are the flat solution for practical window buyers. The internal rungs make cleaning easier. At the same time, they offer a wide range of design options since rectangular and star or cross-shaped rungs can be installed. At least double glazing is required for this.

The second type is generally the classic glass-dividing lattice windows. Many smaller glass segments are connected via horizontal and vertical bars to form a harmonious whole. This proven production method gives your windows a rustic design but is more expensive than other types of lattice windows.

There are spacers between the panes in the third type, and lattices are also attached inside and outside. However, the spacers give the visual impression that they are “real” glass-dividing glazing bars, but they are more straightforward and therefore cheaper to manufacture.

How much do lattice windows cost?

the cost of lattice windows

At Parlun, our concern is to offer our customers the best possible price. For this, every request will be considered individually. The window price comprises many components, such as the window size, material, glazing, etc. You can put together your lattice window and get a transparent quote simultaneously. In particular, the selection of the profile frame and the window glazing have a substantial impact on the final price. For your orientation, we have listed some profiles as an overview.

Custom lattice windows

Contact us to customize your ideal lattice windows and order them directly from China at a low price.

Advantages and disadvantages of lattice windows

advantages and disadvantages of lattice windows

Advantages of lattice windows

  • Appealing look in country house style or retro look
  • Easy to care for
  • Give old buildings a better look
  • Beautiful tile look of the window
  • Slightly obstruct the view inside
  • Often suitable for historic preservation windows

Disadvantages of lattice windows

  • Slightly reduce the amount of light
  • Slightly worsen the thermal protection
  • More maintenance and expensive for glass dividing & attached rungs

Lattice windows according to materials

different materials of lattice windows

Plastic lattice windows

Plastic lattice windows are the more cost-effective option. With the help of wood decors, you can create a cheaper and easy-care image of a wooden window. There are also various colors to choose from.

Wooden lattice windows

Wooden lattice windows stand for timeless elegance and tradition. They can form a contrast in the modern new building or underline the cozy appearance of a traditional farmhouse. There are no limits to your imagination.

Aluminum lattice windows

Lattice windows made of wood and aluminum combine the advantages of both materials. Aluminum has a long service life and requires little maintenance. Wood impresses with its outstanding thermal insulation. Consequently, a mixture is worth seeing.

Lattice pattern: About the benefits of window lattice

From a pragmatic point of view, lattice windows are of no use to us. We are already able to produce large glass surfaces without subdivisions. So why should we limit our vision?

The explanation is simple: comfort, homeliness – the feeling of being at home. Many items from the past are now obsolete, yet they can still be found in many households. Some traditions are worth remembering.

At Parlun, you can select from a wide range of glazing lattice patterns, whether two fields, four fields, or eight fields. With beautiful plastic or wooden decorative strips, you create a unique charm. Just contact us to customize your lattice window and order them directly from China at a low price.

windows from China

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