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What are security windows?

security windows

Security windows – ideal protection

Security windows

One’s own home is a place of retreat where we desire peace. This also includes a feeling of security – both in the presence and absence. Security windows made of wood, plastic, or aluminum are essential for long-term living comfort. They are convinced that high-quality security fittings make prying open the sash and lockable window handles difficult. Another plus point is that laminated safety glass increases burglary protection and sound insulation.

Reliable burglary protection thanks to security windows

Burglars usually choose the path of least resistance. For you, this means uncovering and eliminating weak points in the house, such as windows and doors that are not visible. In addition, elements located on the ground floor are also at greater risk than those on the upper floors.

Security windows are characterized by high-quality security fittings with mushroom-head pin locking, making it difficult to pry open the sash as a rule of thumb: the more mushroom headpins, the safer. Another important aspect is the use of safety glass.

Not to forget The proper security behavior! Always lock the front door twice. Before you leave the house, all windows and doors should be locked, even if you are only at the neighbors for a short time. If you have electric shutters, set them on a timer. In this way, you’ll give the appearance of presence even during the holiday season.


high-quality security fittings

The right glass for your security windows

Safety glass serves two primary purposes: burglary protection and personal protectionSo-called toughened safety glass (ESG for short) is often used for the latter. It has an increased basic voltage and is therefore very stable. In the event of a break – for example, due to an accident – the glass shatters into many small splinters instead of sharp-edged shards. This means that serious injuries caused by the safety windowpane can usually be prevented.

Laminated safety glass (VSG for short) consists, as the name suggests, of two panes of glass that are firmly bonded together by a tough-elastic film to form safety window glass. This increases stability and ensures that the glass retains its basic structure even in a massive violent impact. The splinters stick to the film, so there is no possibility of penetration from outside.

laminated safety glass

Custom-made security windows

Contact us for more information about security windows easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them from Parlun.

Security window handles for inside and outside the protection

In addition to the standard window handle, there are two other variants: A lockable handle or a security window handle with a locking button. Their primary function is to prevent any unauthorized person from operating the handle. This applies both from the inside and from the outside.

For example, if a burglar wants to break in, the frame is often drilled out, and the handle is twisted open with a small tool. Lockable security window handles repel this movement, and the burglary attempt is usually aborted. Make sure that the window handle is tested and certified against a force.

Equally important is personal protection, e.g., in children’s rooms or public buildings. A lockable window handle with a lock cylinder prevents unauthorized window opening and thus prevents dangerous accidents. Start contacting us now and discover the diverse selection of handles from Parlun!


Security window handles

Prices and costs for security windows

The good news first: Even small and inexpensive measures can help ward off thieves and thus prevent a burglary. Of course, this includes the use of laminated safety glass. Security fittings with a mushroom-head pin lock are essential for protecting the window sash against prying. The following applies here: the more, the safer. We recommend investing in fittings with resistance class RC2, which can also be subsidized as part of building security measures.

Of course, there are hardly any upper limits. Electronic surveillance devices score with an acoustic or visual signal and can be connected to modern smart home systems to help you keep a watchful eye on your home from anywhere. You can quickly determine the price for your security window by putting together your desired window from Parlun. This gives you a transparent insight into the composition of the cost. For orientation, we have listed window formats in the comparison below.

Get a free quote on security windows

Contact us for more information about security windows easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them from Parlun.

Promotion for security windows and building security

Good burglary protection is noticeable in that either no burglary occurs at all due to a deterrent effect or if the attempt remains unsuccessful. Money can only be saved here if nothing happens. This is why attractive promotional incentives to finance the necessary security measures are offered.

Important: To receive a grant, you have to consider a few things. First of all, apply for funding. Only after this has been approved may you begin with the construction work. Please note that the assembly work corresponds to the applicable DIN standard and must be carried out by a specialist company.

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