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What are arched windows?

arched windows

About arched windows

Arched windows enjoyed great popularity even in the classical period. They were used in religious buildings, royal palaces, and simple horse stables. At that time, the arched window shape was necessary when large openings were to be made in traditional masonry to support the load of the overlying wall. Today, arched windows primarily meet aesthetic needs for curved, natural shapes and still give the impression of being luxurious and unique.

Arched windows – aesthetics, and function combined

Arched windows typically consist of a rectangular lower part and a semicircular or elliptical upper part.

Arched windows 

Due to their rounded upper edge, a large amount of light can penetrate the interior of the building. There is an amiable and homely atmosphere in the rooms lit up in this way. Arched windows as lattice windows especially exude a unique charm due to the fascinating play of light created by the incoming sun rays.

Equipment with curtains or other decorative elements is also possible. Depending on your requirements, the arched windows made of plastic, wood, or aluminum can be equipped with a tilt or turn-tilt fitting. These extravagant arched windows can be used in residential buildings and representative buildings, such as hospitals, universities, or public administration buildings.

Arched windows in different materials

Special features of arched windows

Arched windows made of wood are among the most popular versions of this design element, but they can also be made of plastic or aluminum. There is also a wide range of unique design and supplement options for arched windows.

Due to the more complex manufacturing process of round arches, the price of this window type is higher than standard rectangular window shapes. Their installation is also more difficult, so it is essential to consult a qualified window installer. 

Custom-made arched windows

Inquire online about arched windows easily and conveniently at low prices and order them from Parlun.

Difference types of arched windows

Difference types of arched windows

The wicker window has a rounding at the top, which resembles a basket.

In the segmented arch window, the arch is much flatter.

In the segmented arch window, the rounding is almost not visible.

The pointed shape can recognize as the pointed arch window at the top of the window.

Arched window with sash bars

Arched windows can be decorated with sash bars as a unique design element. For example, individual window bars or glazing can be installed.

The integration of sash bars in the arched window can be done in three ways. With Parlun, you have internal, external, and glass-dividing glazing bars. The internal bars are becoming more and more popular among users because they require less cleaning work. No dust can settle there because the bars are located between the panes. Glass dividing bars are also often used in arched windows. With beautiful lattice windows in a round arch shape, you can get a warm country house style with a unique charm.

An exceptional touch is brought by a combination of arched windows with decorative glass. With such a combination, as already built by the masters of the Renaissance, a majestic stamp is left on every house.

church arched windows

The roller shutter as an alternative to arched window curtains

Brightly lit rooms create a pleasant ambiance that makes you feel good. But during the summer months, you often want sun protection for arched windows to keep the living room cool or sleep in.

Although curtains for arched windows are a quick and straightforward solution, they are not completely light-proof, and the heat is hardly kept out. Therefore, roller shutters are more suitable for darkening arched windows and optimal thermal insulation.

The additional air layer increases energy efficiency as well as sound insulation. At the same time, the stable aluminum armor protects against uninvited guests. Another advantage of the arched window roller blinds is that a practical fly screen as insect protection can be integrated into the box so that little pests are denied access to your home.

Custom-made arched windows

Inquire online about arched windows easily and conveniently at low prices and order them at Parlun.

Frequently asked questions about arched windows

What is an arched window?

An arched window is a window that is rectangular at the bottom with an arch or semicircle at the top. They were already used as a building element in the classical period and enjoyed an exquisite appearance and unique charm. In the past, arched windows were designed to bear the load of the overlying wall, but today they are installed for purely aesthetic reasons.

How much do arched windows cost?

The price for arched windows depends on the individual configuration. Depending on your preference, you can customize the material, glazing, accessories, etc. In particular, the choice of frame material and window glazing strongly impacts the price. You can easily send us an inquiry, and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

How do you design arched windows?

You can design the arched window in many different ways. You can achieve beautiful decorations of the arched window with the help of window bars. You can also add two sashes or transoms. A skylight is very popular for the arched window. In addition, you can determine the opening type of the window as a turn-tilt opening or turn or tilt opening. You can choose the color of the window from a wide range of RAL colors. Contact us for more detailed information and discover all the options at Parlun.

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