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Important aspects of thermal insulation windows

Thermal insulation of windows

Everyone talks about heating costs, energy savings, and heat loss, but only a few builders talk about insulated windows. In the following section, we show the features of insulated windows and the important details that must be considered when buying them.

Energy losses through the window

In the summer, the room will be heated up by the sun’s heat. And in winter, the same energy will be transferred from the other direction. Many people do not notice that there is a lot of heat that escapes through ordinary double glazing.

Thermal protection is mandatory

Thermal insulation is regulated by law, but due to rising energy costs, it concerns every builder. Nowadays, the U-value that windows must reach 1.3 W/m²K. However, few builders can do so.

Insulated window frame structure

Glazing and frame construction

Thermal insulation glazing is a closed system that usually consists of three panes. The panes are closed on the outside with an edge bond, which also ensures the distance between the individual panes. In this way, the thermal insulation windows are absolutely airtight and hermetically sealed.

In addition, a micro-thin layer of precious metal is vapor-deposited on the inside of the discs. This prevents the passage of heat to the outside. Thermal insulation windows with a particularly high insulation value not only have a sealed edge seal but are also filled with highly compressed inert gas instead of air.

Frame material

The material of the frame is not only important but also the strength and insulation of the interior, especially the plastic frame.

Different window frame materials

Elements of thermal insulation windows

Glazing – double or triple glazing

Insulating layer between the panes – inert gas, vacuum, air

Frame material and strength of the frame

The connection to the wall must be correct

multiple glazing

Tip: Even with older windows, which you may not be able to completely replace due to the protection of the monuments, there can be a significant improvement in energy efficiency with new triple-pane glass. These are usually wooden windows in which some slight changes can be made. When replacing the glass, you simply install new glazing strips.

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