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Custom Plastic Windows – What Costs Do You Need to Consider?

custom Plastic windows

When people plan their houses, they usually plan doors and windows according to standard sizes. But refurbishment of windows in older buildings sometimes requires special dimensions, and so does some special architectural designs in new buildings need. This article will describe what factors influence or determine the price of custom plastic windows.

Factors affecting the price of customized plastic windows

Standard Window

Actually, there is no actual “standard size” for windows. From a geometric point of view, certain sizes present best and are accepted by most people, so these sizes are widely used and produced.

These standard building shell dimensions are always in multiples of 12.5 cm (brick modules). The usual “standard dimensions” for windows (and doors) are then derived from the resulting size of the window opening. However, these standards are for reference only.

Window openings can be of other sizes, as can windows. The only approximate standard is that the window width is no greater than 1.5 times the window height, but that’s only for geometric reasons.

Custom Windows

The only difference between “standard windows” and custom windows is that the former can be mass produced, so they are less expensive than custom windows.

But with more window manufacturers and more competition, custom windows are getting cheaper, and the price difference from standard windows isn’t that big (except for some windows at dumping prices).

Multiple factors of plastic windows

Quality: Standard For Price

In any case, the decisive factor in the price of plastic windows is always the quality:

– The quality of the frame

– Quality of fittings

– Frame design

– Type of glazing

U-value of glazing

– Safety grade of glazing

– Special equipment details

Therefore, the price of custom windows is not fixed. In addition, there can be substantial price differences between windows from different manufacturers. So, it’s still useful to shop around.

Cheap Windows Are At Risk

The price of windows manufactured in some regions is on average about 20% lower than the general market price, and the quality is questioned.

The choice of windows is not easy, and if it is in good quality, it can be used for decades. Many people find it too difficult to factor in window quality, delivery conditions, spare parts and warranties.

Know Your Needs

To know the best size window for your house, you should be as specific as possible about the effect you want. Details such as the glazing of the window, “warm edges”, and the level of safety the window should meet are all important. Taking all of the above into consideration, you can compare the prices of custom windows well.

When in doubt, a quote should be submitted to an expert, preferably asking for special design details. And remember, always take into account the reality of installing windows.

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