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8 great ideas for open kitchen-living room combinations

open kitchen-living room combinations

The open kitchen combined with the living room is often found in small apartments. It is a popular design because it offers a way to organize space at will and create interesting arrangements. In the following article, we will describe it in detail.

What is an open kitchen with a living room?

For many years, it was thought that the kitchen should be a separate room. Houses and apartments were designed according to this concept. But when space is limited, it becomes difficult for the kitchen to be separate. Because of this, open kitchens combined with living rooms have recently become a fashion trend.

open kitchens combined with living rooms

The characteristic of this type of kitchen is that it combines multiple functions in one room. It is a place to prepare meals and eat, as well as a place to relax. Open concept kitchens are usually combined with living rooms.

What are the benefits of an open kitchen?

The main advantage of an open kitchen is that you can get a large space. Due to this, it is much easier to design such a room.

benefits of open kitchen with a living room

Another benefit is that you can get more time with your family. When you are preparing meals in a separate kitchen while the whole family is in the living room, your communication can be hindered. An open kitchen with a living room will do a better job in this aspect.

Are there disadvantages to open kitchens?

An open kitchen is not a perfect solution. Because visiting your guests can see the everything in the kitchen.

Another common disadvantage of such kitchens is that odors can enter the living area. However, this problem can be solved by using a high quality range hood. You can also purchase an air purifier that will help you remove unpleasant odors.

contemporary open kitchen with range hood

A final disadvantage is the noise of a refrigerator or dishwasher. However, modern kitchen appliances are quiet, so they won’t disturb you while watching movies and series. You can turn on the dishwasher when you leave the house. That way, you won’t have to hear the noise and you’ll have clean dishes waiting for you when you return.

Small kitchen and living room combination

Apartments usually do not have enough space to arrange separate kitchens and living rooms. But that’s no problem. An open kitchen is perfect for a small apartment, especially if it is carefully planned.

And how does an open kitchen coordinate with the living room? There are two questions to consider.

  • Where to put the TV and living room furniture?
  • How to place kitchen cabinets and appliances?

If it’s a new building, then these are not problems. Because you can redesign the interior. If you’re renovating an existing apartment, that’s more difficult. In this case, you may need to make major changes to the house, sometimes even knocking down a wall.

Small kitchen and living room combination

When all the furniture and appliances are neatly lined up, then this small open kitchen living room looks great. This is because you can arrange the remaining space as needed. Sometimes you can even have a dining area off the lounge area.

Open kitchen in small room

If the apartment is small, then the open kitchen-lounge concept is different. In this case, the interior consists of a kitchenette and a lounge area. Make the most of the space with the building layout, for example with niches in the walls. If it is large, you can install kitchen cabinets there.

white open kitchen with wall cabinets

Sometimes the room contains another small interior space. You can turn that into a kitchen and use the larger room as a living room. This may not be the most convenient solution, but it is practical.

The Open Kitchen with Island

A kitchen with an island is one of the most popular types of the open kitchen. Usually, kitchen cabinets and appliances are placed on one of the walls. The kitchen island is placed in the center, and the living room is planned in the remaining space.

Depending on the needs of the space, the kitchen island can be used for preparing meals, eating or doing homework.

open kitchen with island

The advantage of this solution is that it is suitable for any type of interior design. In addition, the kitchen island is available in different sizes and shapes, which is another advantage.

Partial open kitchen design

A partially open kitchen with a living room is the perfect solution for an interior with an unusual layout. Usually, it is an “L” shaped room, but, through design, it can also become functional and beautiful. A common solution is to put the kitchen in the shorter part and use the wider side of the room as a living room. You can also do it the other way around, although such a design may be less practical.

open kitchen cabinets with partition

If you want to separate the kitchen from the living room section, you can use a partition. This is a simple solution that can offer you many interesting possibilities.

A large open kitchen with a living room

A large open kitchen with a living room offers many possibilities. You can use it as a relaxation area and as a dining area. In large multi-storey houses, such rooms are usually arranged on the first floor. This is very practical because there is also enough space to socialize when your guests visit.

large open kitchen with a living room

Such a large open kitchen can accommodate more appliances. You can also install a mini pantry or even a special wine rack in it. This is a popular choice among homeowners.

Open plan kitchen ideas – bright colors

Many people think that an open kitchen with a living room looks best when it is decorated in light colors. That’s why white and cream colors are very popular. But these are not the only options. If you dream of combining an open Scandinavian kitchen with a living room, you can use beige, gray, and blue decorations.

wooden open kitchen cabinets

In addition, the interior looks beautiful with wood and marble elements. These depend on the style you choose. Light colors make the room look bigger. With such decorations, even a small interior can look big.

A dark open kitchen – industrial style

Dark open plan kitchens are a characteristic design for large apartments and houses. Please note that dark color can make the room look smaller, so not every apartment is suitable for this style. A dark kitchen needs good lighting for meal preparation. Not everyone can relax well in such a color, so please consider carefully if this is a good idea for you.

dark blue open kitchen with a living room

A dark open kitchen is very modern. Combining them with wood or copper elements can turn them into an industrial style. But such a facility is more difficult to keep clean. Even the smallest dirt is visible in black or dark blue kitchen cabinets.

Open kitchen -Colorful interior

If you like colorful interiors, then you can add some color to an open kitchen. And this is a popular solution to separate the two areas, the kitchen and the living room. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily have to use the same color for both shades. However, make sure you choose colors that match properly. For example, these colors are below.

  • mint green and pink.
  • blue and gray.
  • Green and gold.

colorful open kitchen with a living room

There are many color combinations, it is entirely up to your creativity and preference.

Here are some other frequently asked questions about open kitchens

1. What is an open kitchen?

An open kitchen is simply a kitchen that is connected to another room, for example, it can be combined with a living room. It is a very practical solution to make a room look bigger. Open plan kitchens also offer more options for their design.

2. What is the best color for an open kitchen with a living room?

An open-concept kitchen with a living room looks great in light colors. Soft colors are the best choice, such as beige, light gray, or pink. Such shades look great in any size of the interior. If the kitchen is large, you can use darker colors.

3. What kind of flooring should be used in an open kitchen?

The flooring in an open kitchen should match the overall design. Depending on your preference, you can use the same type of flooring throughout the interior, whether in the kitchen or the living area. Tile is preferred in the kitchen area.

4. Which hood is suitable for the open kitchen concept?

A good hood is the most important element in an open kitchen. It must eliminate all the odors generated during the cooking process. It is important to pay attention not only to the efficiency but also to the visual aspect. The kitchen part is exposed, so you must make sure the design looks good.

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