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2022 Windows From China Buying Guide

windows from China

The types of windows in China

When designing a house or a commercial building, windows play a huge role in different parts. Since there are many different types of windows in the China market, the choice is not easy, especially for the people who first-time import windows from China. Various places such as the dormer window or the basement require those windows in special shapes and made of specific window materials.

different materials for windows

Visual appearance is important when purchasing windows, but it is not the only purchase criterion. The possibilities for window shapes, colored frames, window bars, and decorative glass designs are diverse. However, the advantages and disadvantages of individual features and materials should also be considered before making a purchase. After all, having the right windows can have a positive impact on the energy efficiency, security, and protection of the entire building. When you configure your windows, you combine different shapes, glass, and materials in various ways depending on your individual needs.

The types of windows in China

In most cases, you have to look up all the necessary information individually on the Internet before you decide which Chinese windows supplier is suitable for you. That’s why we’ve put together the article for you with all the important information about importing windows from China. In order to make it as easy as possible for you to select and buy the windows you want, we have divided the window types into different categories in this section so that you can quickly find information on window types, window shapes, and window materials, etc. You just simply click on the specific window type you want to learn about.

Windows according to Art

Window with special properties and functions

The features of an all-glass window and a panoramic window are the open and unobstructed view outside. The all-glass window typically has full glazing. Usually, these have no visible window frame or a very narrow window frame for Additional stabilization. Usually, the window bracket is set entirely in the wall. A French window is not just a large window that allows a panoramic view of the outside but also can replace individual wall sections.

all-glass window
all-glass window design

Skylights can be installed as an alternative to regular windows when you need more daylight or additional ventilation options. This type of window is also available in a variety of shapes and materials, either with fixed glass or with an opening mechanism.

A very special type of window with a centuries-old tradition is the stained glass window. This is a decorative window that used to be applied to mainly in large cathedrals. The focus is on the glass, which is assembled from individual pieces of colored glass to form a pattern. In the past, this was the only way to create large panes of glass. Nowadays the stained glass window is a decorative element.

modern stained glass window
modern stained glass window design

Another decorative window is the lattice window. The window bars can be arranged in different ways and divided the window individually. The real lattice window consists of individual panes of glass and is very complex to produce, there are two inexpensive alternatives that can achieve the same optical effect.

modern lattice window
modern lattice window design

Custom windows can be used whenever you feel that a standard size window is too small, too large, too narrow, or too wide. Especially in older buildings, the windows are often of different sizes and they can only be replaced by custom-made windows. Chinese manufacturers solved this problem by having different structures with different depths.

Windows by location

In which part of the house will the window be installed?

The selection of the right windows is also determined by the part of the house in which they are later to be installed. Due to their shape and material properties, some windows are better suited for roof areas, terraces, or basements than others, for example.

Although gable windows are considered roof windows, they are not integrated into the roof itself, but into the front of the facade. Typical gable windows include triangular windows, angled windows, trapezoidal windows, round windows, and semicircular windows. The angled window shapes in particular can be easily adapted to the shape of the gable roof. these allow for open and light-flooded living concepts. On the other hand, Small gable windows can also be used as stylistic elements in the facade.

villa with modern gable windows
villa with modern gable windows

With a terrace window, the most important aspects are the features and functions than the shape of the windows. Since the terrace window is near the ground, so we should pay more attention to energy efficiency and sound insulation, but also, in particular, to security. Both window frames and glass can be burglar-proof, but they require the use of the right materials, glass, and the right security measures.

modern basement windows design
modern basement windows design

There are also many things to consider when choosing basement windows. On the one hand, waterproofing is very important and the performance of the material plays a decisive role. If your basement windows are not in an underground light well, protective glazing, additional fittings, lockable window handles, or window grilles are useful. The stability of the frame and profile construction is also determined by the material. Aluminum is the most stable and is therefore a very good framing material for basement windows. Also, wood, aluminum, and plastic windows are also very suitable. Parlun is a window supplier from China. So you can contact us now for professional advice from our window experts.

Windows by function

Safe and energy-efficient windows protect people and property

The suitable windows not only save on heating costs. This also has a positive effect on living comfort and your safety. Now you are probably wondering which functions the various windows really offer and which ones are particularly useful for you?

When choosing windows, the main focus is on the energy efficiency of the windows. This can be read from the U Coefficient(HTC: Heat Transfer Coefficient) and depends on many factors. The lower of the coefficient, the better the thermal insulation properties of the window. There are two ways to save on heating costs in winter: You can buy new heat-insulating windows or your old windows, or you can retrofit them with a heat protection film.

Security windows from China
Security windows from China

Security windows are suitable for situations where windows need to be installed close to the ground, such as basement windows. For windows in basements, not only are burglars easily able to enter the place, but children can also unintentionally cause damage to them when they are playing. In this case, there are a number of effective ways to protect your windows. For example, by adding parts, lockable handles, and anti-theft or anti-toss glass. Frame materials and profile construction also significantly affect stability, security, longevity, and energy efficiency.

The noise protection also increases with the increasing number of window panes or with the number of chamber systems. Soundproof windows offer the most effective protection against outside noise. Soundproof glazing ensures that you can live undisturbedly and sleep in peace even on busy roads.

ornamental window design
ornamental window design

The ornamental window can certainly also be regarded as protective windows, as they protect your privacy with various decorative structures and patterns. These windows offer good privacy in the bathroom, hallway, stairwell, basement, and office, at the same time, these windows also can let in the bright daylight.

Another way to protect people and property is with fire windows. It can protect you from fire, smoke, and even heat. It can play an important role in times of fire, such as preventing the spread of fire. For this reason, fire windows are installed in commercial buildings with many people, as well as in private homes.

Fire windows from China
Fire windows from China

Protective windows such as soundproof windows, fire protection windows, and security windows are divided into different classes for different requirements. This allows you to customize the windows to your special living situation and your individual needs. If you have any needs, please contact us for the functional window catalog and a quote from a window manufacturer in China.

Windows by opening type

Those windows with one or more sashes have many ways to open, and each sash does not have to open the same way. Tilt sashes can be combined with windows that have turned sashes. However, in the case of windows with plywood, the sashes cannot open independently. Only windows with fixed plywood can do this. One sash is fixed, while the other sashes can be opened. Except for windows with fixed glass, all sashes can slide to the right or left, turn tilt, fold, flip, and swing inward or outward. The bottom-hung, swing, and sliding windows are created after the opening act of the window. windows can be opened manually. If the window is difficult to reach by hand, we can open it electrically.

modern sliding windows design
modern sliding windows design

A window with an opening mechanism enables effective ventilation of the rooms and has been proven to prevent the formation of mold and other moisture damage. Each of the above ways of opening the window has its own characteristics and advantages that should be considered before buying a window. Not every room offers Space for a pivot window with a large sash that extends far into the room. Sliding windows come in many different designs with vertical or horizontal sliding constructions. They have the advantage that they can be opened quickly without a window sash protruding into the room. The pivot window is perfect as a roof window. The swing windows are also particularly popular for large windows and are one of the special windows.

Windows by number of sashes

Casement window with one or more casements

Single-leaf, double-leaf, and even triple-leaf windows are installed as standard in residential and commercial buildings. Depending on the material, windows can also have 4 or more sashes. However, the more sashes there are, the more stable the window frame and sash structure itself should be. This is because the function and stability of the window and the glass must be guaranteed even in wind and storms.

windows with double hung sash
windows with double hung sash

Windows Sashes can be tilted, turned, swung, pushed, pulled, rotated, or folded using a variety of opening mechanisms. The advantage of casement windows with opening mechanisms over fixed glass windows is that they can be opened. This allows the room to be ventilated in a controlled manner and cleaning becomes easier. The ventilation function plays an important role not only in living rooms but also in damp basement rooms, drying, and washing rooms. This is because it effectively prevents moisture damage and mold formation.

white French casement window
white French casement window

In a casement window, you can install a fixed center joint or not. If the sash is not permanently installed, then this type of window is called a French casement window. The advantage of a casement window with a frame is that it allows a free and unrestricted view of the outside. Even with casement windows, there is no need to compromise on security. With fittings, security glass, or lockable handles, you can make both single and multi-leaf windows more burglar-proof.

In Parlun, it is easy to configure your windows, whether it is accessories, handles, or safety glass. The most important thing is that it can be purchased from the best-quality Chinese windows factory.

Windows by shape

You can buy these special window shapes

Due to advanced manufacturing processes, it is becoming increasingly easier to create special window shapes that are not only decorative but also stable, practical, and functional. All windows with special shapes are in different materials, such as wood, plastic, aluminum, and wood aluminum, and with different window glazing. The many shapes give you many design options. A large window front can also be individually designed from several window shapes placed next to each other. The choice of windows always affects the appearance of the building. Therefore, the shape, the material, and the window color should always match the overall look of the house.

Special window shapes from China
Special window shapes from China

A standard rectangular window is not always the ideal solution. Some special places such as gables, dormers, or pitched roofs require customizing window shapes. Thanks to the inclined windows, triangular windows, and trapezoid windows, light can be brought into the pointed and sloping facade fronts. Round windows and semi-round windows also belong to special window shapes. These can also be used as an additional source of light and ventilation. In this way, you can make even dark roof spaces livable and usable.

A good alternative to a normal rectangular window can also be an arched window or a segmented arched window. Both window shapes have a long tradition and used to be very expensive due to the complex production process. Because of this, they are mostly seen in churches and magnificent buildings that once belonged to rich people. Today’s segmental-arched windows and arched windows are state-of-the-art and still look luxurious and exclusive. While the various arched windows are made from one piece, the segmented arched window, as the name suggests, consists of two segments. Modern segment arch windows made of plastic can even be made from one piece due to modern manufacturing processes from China, which has a positive effect on thermal insulation.

Windows by material

The window material determines stability, energy efficiency and durability

The following materials are generally used in window construction: plastic, wood, aluminum. Another possibility is the combination of two different materials such as the wood-aluminum windows. But what should you choose?

different materials for windows

Each material has advantages and disadvantages due to its properties. The properties of the material determine the energy efficiency, stability, weather resistance, durability, and maintenance requirements of the window frame.

The price of a window also depends on the window material. Plastic windows are the cheapest option and can even mimic the structure and color of the wood in a deceptive way due to the modern window frame foil. Which window material ultimately suits you best depends on your taste, structural conditions, and possibly the architectural traditions of the region. Aluminum windows, for example, are very popular where quiet and security are important, or where a slim profile is required. Unfortunately, aluminum is not considered to be energy efficient compared to other window materials. However, thanks to modern construction methods, these also have a high U Coefficient(HTC: Heat Transfer Coefficient).

wooden and plastic windows
wooden and plastic windows design

Anyone who relies on natural materials will be delighted with a wooden window. wooden windows are not only suitable for a country house or a listed building. Due to the good thermal insulation properties, a window made of wood creates a natural, comfortable and healthy living atmosphere even in the big city. With different wood stains and opaque RAL colors, you can create both a classic and a modern look. Contact us today and discover a variety of window styles from China. Our window experts will also provide you with advice throughout the process.

Wood and aluminum windows combine the advantages of wood and aluminum. The modern frame construction is energy efficient and stable. Another advantage of aluminum is that it is very easy to clean and maintain, in particular for some large windows, such as greenhouses.

8 Helpful Tips for Buying Windows from China

Tips for Buying Windows from China

Anyone purchasing new windows for their home is faced with an important decision that will affect the house value of the property for a long time. This is because whether the home is being newly built, renovated, or remodeled, the windows must meet a core set of criteria and function adequately. If you are buying windows from China, you need to be more careful because there are many different types of windows available in China. In this section, the experts at Parlun Windows give 8 tips that you must consider when buying windows from China :

Tip 1: Plan windows early and identify Chinese suppliers

One of the most important tips we can give to builders is to start planning windows and screening Chinese window suppliers early. Glazing surfaces and window shapes should be carefully considered early in the planning stage. These have a major impact not only on the overall appearance of the property but also on the cost of construction. On the other hand, carefully screen suitable Chinese window suppliers according to the planned window information. After all shipping from China to your country takes a while.

windows showroom from Parlun
windows showroom from Parlun

In addition, early planning is required in terms of sun protection and burglary prevention. Therefore, homeowners should seek the advice of a window expert as early as possible. If you need, you can contact Parlun. Then window experts from China will provide you with important information and tips on all aspects of the living atmosphere, light, security, and sound insulation. You can also learn about colors and shapes from our window showroom.

Tip 2: Choose the “Right” Material

The choice of window material is very important. The material used to make the windows will affect the visual appearance of your house, the living atmosphere. Last but not least, your construction and subsequent costs need to be controlled. Although the cost of purchasing windows from China has been greatly reduced, there is still a need for better control of the final cost.

























Since most material prices and manufacturing processes in China have changed significantly in recent years, few Chinese window suppliers can explicitly support or oppose a material. According to our experience, there is almost no difference in technical characteristics between windows of different materials in China, such as wooden windows, aluminum windows, or plastic windows. The advice we give has two relevant determinants: personal preference for materials and construction budget.

At this point, we would like to clarify a bias in many articles, the environmental aspects of plastic windows are negatively evaluated. Due to research and innovation in production, plastic windows from China can be manufactured in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way. We also pay close attention to the complete recycling cycle. So sustainability is guaranteed. The low maintenance effort (e.g. no need to paint) and the long service life also have a positive effect on the ecological balance of plastic windows.

Tip 3: Choose Shapes and Colors Wisely

For many customers, the decision to choose a window is based on optical considerations. Do you want a classic-style window or a window with a modern design? According to feedback from many customers, they initially think that the appearance of the window is determined by the choice of window frame material. But this is the wrong concept! Due to modern innovative technologies and the continuous development of window production, window manufacturers from China are also equipped with advanced technology. Almost all shape and color requirements are now achievable, whether you decide to choose wood, aluminum, or plastic windows.

windows factory in China

For example, plastic windows can be designed according to your personal ideas. if you use high-quality film lamination or aluminum shells, there are a variety of design options. Light-fast and weather-resistant wood and plain-colored finishes can be achieved by foil lamination. The high-quality aluminum housing combines the technical advantages of PVC profiles with the appearance of aluminum profiles. Currently, there is a particularly high demand for imported casement windows from China.

Custom windows from China

In modern architectural projects, special window shapes are often used as decorative elements of the building facade. For functional reasons, the size and shape of windows in a house vary considerably depending on individual needs and interior design. Given such special requirements, custom windows can achieve everything. And compared to other countries, buying custom windows from China offers price advantages.

Tip: If you plan to use a large window, you should pay special attention to the window profiles. The overall structure had to be particularly stable and still allow for slim visuals in terms of appearance.

Tip 4: Glass: Pay attention to energy saving and sound insulation

Although today’s windows are very well insulated, they are still the weak point of a home’s insulation. Therefore, choosing the right glass is just as important as the window frame. Despite their glamorous appearance, single-glazed windows are not very energy efficient. Therefore, modern insulating glass windows have at least double glazing and a sealed space between the two pieces of glass, which is filled with an inert gas such as argon or krypton. However, the current trend in window construction is clearly towards triple-glazed windows due to their good thermal insulation and maximum possible energy efficiency. High-quality Chinese window manufacturers generally have triple-glazed production technology, but it needs to be clarified that the price will be much higher than standard windows.

glass windows structure

When choosing glass, in addition to thermal insulation, sound insulation and theft must also be considered. These standards depend on the location of the property and personal feelings. In any case, we recommend the use of security glass for doors and windows on the first floor. Modern windows from China already have very good sound insulation. If you want to buy Whether it is necessary to use soundproof glass, it is best clarified in the consultation.

Tip 5: Find the best anti-theft protection

When it comes to security, windows play an equally important role. Because it is in your own home that you should feel very comfortable and safe. To avoid nasty accidents later, it’s important to know exactly what special protection your windows offer before you buy them.

security glass windows
security glass windows

In any case, windows should have all-around security to prevent them from being forcibly pushed out. As mentioned before, we recommend the use of security glass on the ground floor. The use of lockable handles can greatly enhance the protection of your home. Lockable handles prevent windows from turning, even in the case of angled windows, broken window panes, or the use of wire loops.

Integrated alarm contacts provide a very high level of safety. These are connected to the alarm system. The contacts create a magnetic field between the window frame and sash. Opening a window or door interrupts this and triggers an alarm. To avoid additional costs, integrated alarm contacts should be considered when planning the electrical installation. Now more and more customers want to import high-quality windows from China, because the more abundant the configuration of customized windows, the more obvious the price advantage is.

Tip 6: Correctly assess the cost -effectiveness of windows from China

The more detailed you plan all your requirements in advance, the easier it will be for you to compare quotes from different Chinese window suppliers. Based on our experience, we recommend that you pay more attention to the following points:

  • U coefficient(Heat transfer coefficient)of windows
  • What kind of glass is offered (safety glass)?
  • Which equipment features are standard and which are extra?
  • What are the maintenance and follow-up costs?
  • How fast is the service and response time?

Tips 7: Providing the service of sending samples

glass windows sample
glass windows sample

Generally speaking, the prices of imported windows from China are very competitive. Especially when the construction budget is already tight, we highly recommend you to buy from China. But on the other hand, it is not easy to choose a high-quality Chinese window supplier. Choose Parlun, you don’t have to worry about the quality, our service and price will make you satisfied.

Tip 8: Special requirements for doors and windows

Based on our experience, some countries or specific regions require certification requirements for imported windows. For example, some states in the United States require hurricane-certified windows. Therefore, it is best to consult in advance before you plan to buy some windows. Our windows can be exported to most parts of the world, if you need any inquiries, you can contact experts from Parlun.

Which region in China produces the best quality windows?

In which areas of China are the window aluminum profiles produced? First, Foshan, Guangdong; second, Linyi, Shandong; third, Anyi, Jiangxi; fourth, Daye, Hubei. So, which production base has the best quality windows?

Best quality windows in China

Today, in China, the best quality windows are produced in Guangdong, which was also the first place to engage in aluminum profile processing and sales.

Foshan is the core area of Chinese windows

Foshan is known as the capital of building materials in China, and the export of windows is very famous overseas. Every year, a large number of foreign customers are attracted to import windows from Foshan. During the early development of Foshan windows, they influenced customers with their exquisite craftsmanship and fine shapes and formed the image of representing Guangdong: a technical window factory with excellent craftsmanship, high-cost performance, and guaranteed quality.

windows from China

The windows produced in Foshan are well known to this day and they are associated with many heirs of tradition, originality, and craftsmanship. With manufacturing technology at the heart of Foshan windows, the region produces windows that influence the market with their distinctive products of good quality, low prices, and high-end products. This is one of the major reasons why foreign customers who buy windows in China prefer Foshan. Parlun’s window production base is located in Foshan. We have been focusing on exporting windows for many years, strictly controlling quality, service, and price.

Process and Precautions for Buying Windows from China

When buying new windows from China, you should consider several important criteria beforehand: window materials, window elements, and components, thermal and energy efficiency, sound insulation, personal design preferences, and burglar resistance. These comprehensive criteria are also important parameters for screening quality Chinese window suppliers.

glass windows parameter

When it comes to window materials, you can choose from plastic, wood, or aluminum window frames. You can also choose double or triple glazing and additional security and/or sound insulation measures. You can also choose integrated roller blinds or special window parts.

Parlun will be happy to advise you during the process of importing windows from China in order to assist you in your decision for new windows and recommend the best windows for you.

With our window certification capabilities and many years of experience in window buying, we provide you with a complete quotation including a personal initial consultation, free renderings, quotation preparation, and professional window installation (we have installations in select countries team).


Step 1: Expert advice in email or video conferencing

zoom meeting
Discuss with our windows expert through zoom meeting

The difficulty of buying windows from China is language communication and the timeliness of service. our window experts are happy to serve you at any time, we have been focusing on the export of windows and building materials for many years, and have a foreign trade team with rich experience. After understanding your basic requirements, we can quickly quote and make suggestions for you. During the whole process, you can also arrange a video conference with us at any time. you can browse the showroom and discuss the details with us. It will make your China sourcing journey very easy.

Step 2: Preparations before order confirmation

While buying windows from China can save you a lot of money, it comes with risks. If the quality of the product is not up to standard, it will cause great trouble for you. It is, therefore, necessary to have the supplier send samples for you to check the quality. For high-quality and large-scale Chinese window suppliers, sending samples is just an opportunity to show themselves, and they are happy to do this.

Step 3: Make staged purchases and staged remittances

If you intend to purchase windows from China for a long time, it is best to test with small orders first. A comprehensive score is made for the entire process from negotiation to product receipt. The score usually includes the professionalism of the supplier, the quality of the product, and the difficulty of communication. Only win-win business cooperation can be sustainable.

win-win business cooperation

Remittance in batches – for your own protection

Chinese suppliers usually require a 50% deposit to start production. But in our experience, some suppliers can start production with 20% as long as you are firm enough. Also, it is important to note that the more deposits many Chinese suppliers charge, the more likely they are to be negligent. You must let the supplier provide a detailed QC (Quality Control) once the windows are produced. Before official delivery, you can choose to make up the balance or deduct part of it as an after-sales guarantee.

Step 4: Delivery the shipment

one stop solution service from Palrun

If you are buying windows from China for the first time, shipping can also be a problem for you. Choose Parlun, we offer a one-stop high-quality service from choosing the window style to you receiving the product. If you cooperate with us, you don’t have to worry about quality issues, unreasonable prices, and shipping and after-sales issues.

Conclusion – Buy windows from China is so easy and affordable

Parlun has rich experience in exporting windows. Our windows are not only qualified to meet the requirements of each country but also undoubtedly lead the way in China in terms of price and quality. Even if you are buying windows from China for the first time, it will be very easy with our high-quality one stop solution service.

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