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Porcelain stoneware patio tiles for outdoor use

In addition to our large selection for the interior living area, we also have an extensive range of patio tiles (At two or three centimeters thick), usually a little thicker than tiles for interior living areas. Ceramic tiles made of fine stoneware are the optimal floor covering for patio or garden design.


For several reasons. They are extremely robust, easy to care for, weatherproof, and match with suitable indoor tiles, enabling open and spacious design concepts. Please find out more about the advantages of our outdoor tiles and discover patio tiles in a wood look, concrete look, or stone look.



Nowadays, patio tiles can not only be used to create large walkable areas outdoors. Paths and stairs can also be designed with outdoor tiles. Anything is possible with standard formats, from patio slabs in 60×60 cm to patio tiles in XXL formats.


In addition, a generous open room concept can be designed with a continuous tile – which is laid both in the living area and outdoors.


Patio tiles are particularly robust, easy to care for, versatile, and available in various looks and formats. From patio tiles with a wood look to patio slabs with a concrete look to patio tiles with a stone look – there are no limits to the design with tiles. The tile thus combines functional properties with aesthetic requirements. This makes it the ideal material for creating outdoor spaces.



In contrast to tiles for the living area, patio tiles made of porcelain stoneware are slightly thicker with a thickness of 2 cm. They are extremely robust, heat-resistant, and can withstand high loads and all types of weather. Therefore, all 2 cm and 3 cm thick patio tiles are ideal for outdoor use.


Porcelain stoneware is ceramic. Ceramic is a natural material that consists of finely ground minerals. It is pressed into a mold under high pressure and then fired at high temperatures for its strength. Ceramic includes properties such as particular strength, hardness, heat resistance, and highly effective thermal conductivity. These are ideal features for the patio garden, and pool landscapes.


In addition, the patio slabs have a superior slip resistance that offers more sure-footedness in wet conditions. Whether it’s wet, frost, or the situation of heavy objects (e.g,. table, grill, parasol), none affects the porcelain stoneware patio tiles. Fat splashes and other stains also cause the dirt-resistant, but it is easy to clean without any problems.


Tip: On the topic “What is the best way to clean patio tiles?” you will find a related article in our blog “Get your patio tiles ready for spring”. Basically, in most cases, a bucket of lukewarm water and a gentle scrubbing brush are sufficient. The easy-care surface of the tiles not only saves a lot of time but also the use of various cleaning agents.



To make living spaces appear larger, they are increasingly being designed in an open way. Here, the patio moves into the focus of the modern interior design. Due to the patio borders the living area, creative possibilities for interior design open up.


Tip: If you are moving into a new building or if you happen to want to design the adjoining living space in addition to the patio, you should think about a continuous tile. Because many of our tiles are available in two versions: indoors and outdoors so it allows the patio and living room to be connected. The continuous tile makes the living space appear significantly more prominent and more open. If you now choose an XXL format, you will reinforce the special open effect.


By the way: Tiles are the only material that offers the possibility of creating a completely harmonious look for indoor and outdoor areas.


In addition to optically enlarging the space, ceramic patio tiles can also be used to create wonderful walkways in the garden. The natural-looking panels in stone or wood look harmonize perfectly with the green area. Patio slabs in anthracite, such as tiles with a concrete look, on the other hand, set puristic accents.



Anyone who wants to design their patio with outdoor tiles has many options today: Patio tiles are available at Parlun in different formats, colors, and looks:


Patio tiles with a concrete look bring purism and modern aesthetics to your outdoor area. This trend goes great with minimalist home decor and adds an urban touch to every home. Both simple and colorful furnishing elements that set accents can be combined with the outdoor tiles in a concrete look.


Above all, patio tiles with a wood look create a natural look. You can extend your cozy living room by your patio area with it. In addition, they are very similar in appearance to natural wood floors but have numerous advantages over wooden floors because they are much more robust and durable.


Patio slabs in a stone look inspired by a natural and wild surface design based on coasts, mountains, and unique landscapes. Patio tiles offer a multitude of possible combinations with other furnishing elements.



As already mentioned, patio slabs or patio tiles are the optimal material for the design of outdoor areas. This includes patios, walkways, bed borders, pool landscapes, and public spaces. The 2 cm or 3 cm thick tiles are not only practical due to their material composition but also a real eye-catcher. All advantages of porcelain stoneware patio tiles at a glance:


  • Robust, durable, withstands high loads
  • Easy to care for (you can find tips on how to care for patio tiles in our blog)
  • Fireproof and frost resistant
  • No color fading
  • Patio tiles are available in different looks and colors: wood look, stone look, and concrete look. There are no limits to the design.
  • Porcelain stoneware tiles combine aesthetics and practical properties
  • Patio tiles are available in standard formats such as 60×60 cm and in XXL formats such as 120×120 cm. Wooden tiles are also available in elongated formats such as 30×180 cm, typical of wooden floor size.
  • Porcelain stoneware tiles are the only material that allows a homogeneous design transition from the living room to the outside.
  • Patio tiles are easy to lay. Detailed information on the different types of laying and the unique features of the laying can be found in our blog post: Garden ideas: Paving slabs for your garden design.



What do you have to consider when buying outdoor tiles?

When purchasing patio tiles, you should ensure that the tiles are of good quality and have the appropriate thickness. Our patio slabs are exclusively tiles made of high-quality stoneware. They are all 2 cm or 3 cm thick and ideal for outdoor use.


How do you lay patio tiles?

Due to their different formats, tiles enable different types of laying. You can find out the useful information and what you have to consider in our detailed blog post.


How long do patio tiles last?

Anyone who buys high-quality porcelain stoneware patio slabs can usually enjoy the outdoor tiles for a lifetime. Because they easily defy a wide variety of weather conditions, frost, heat, and dirt. Patio tiles are probably the most durable material for outdoor use.


Are patio tiles suitable for beautiful design concepts?

Definitely yes. Tiles offer countless design options because they are available in different colors, formats, and looks. In addition, they can be wonderfully combined with tiles for the living room.

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