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Vertical Sliding Window

Vertical Sliding Window02

Vertical sliding windows are the first choice for many people, especially for those with houses with narrow window openings. While vertically sliding windows are uncommon in Central Europe, it is very popular in the UK and US. Many house windows there use high-quality aluminum elements. Traditional vertical sliding windows, also known as “sash window” in the UK, have both window sashes that can move up and down.

Vertical Sliding Window

Vertical Sliding Window – A Win For The Trade

Compared with horizontal sliding windows, the sashes of vertical sliding windows can be moved vertically up and down. From simple American sliding windows to retractable windows, different designs are often different.

Windows with vertical sliding sashes are particularly suitable for windy areas. Due to the special window structure, when the window is opened, neither people nor objects are affected. Vertical sliding windows also won’t be slammed shut and reopened by a gust of wind like casement windows.

Vertical sliding windows are also often referred to as checkout windows or hatch windows. In canteens, windows are usually used to serve food. The movable window element can be pushed to any position thanks to the pneumatic lift.

Profile System For Vertical Sliding Windows

Our Parlun’s vertical sliding windows are made of first-class aluminium. They are characterized by their lightness and stability, requiring very little maintenance.

If you would like to know more, we will be happy to provide you with pricing information.

Vertical Sliding Window01

Vertical Sliding Windows In Different Designs

  • White vertical sliding window
  • Vertical sliding window with rungs
  • Anthracite color vertical vertical sliding window
  • Anthracite color vertical sliding window with rungs

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