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Aluminum Window Color

Really eye-catching – aluminum windows in various colors! When it comes to build a house or simply replacing an existing window, we can’t just think about the function or price. Profile frames are of great significance to our lives. In addition to common woods and plastics, aluminum is especially popular. This simple material is extremely elegant and of high quality. There are so many advantages to aluminum windows: you can paint, varnish, anodize or simply keep it in its original condition. In our online catalog you can find a rich palette of RAL paints and anodised colours – to suit your every need! How about anthracite or gray aluminum windows? You’ll find more color options for aluminum windows!

Colours For Aluminium Profiles

Many Choices Of RAL Paint And Decors Colours For Aluminum Profiles

We use the original color of the aluminum profile as a standard. But if you want to choose another colour it’s fine, there are a variety of RAL paints to choose from. RAL colours are usually given a durable powder coat which results in an even surface. A variety of metallic appearances can usually be made with a matching anodizing process. Try your favorite color now!

Powder Coated aluminum windows

Aluminum Windows – Anodized Or Powder Coated?

The appropriate color of the aluminum window is also often a problem with the required processing method. So you can choose powder coating or anodizing.

Metallic colours are usually made by anodizing, while wood decors or RAL paints are sprayed with special powders. The production process of the two is different.

Powder coating is a coating process of spraying or coating powder coatings on conductive aluminum profiles. In a coating system, there steps are surface pretreatment, intermediate drying, the coating process itself and subsequent curing.

During the anodizing process, aluminum acquires an oxide protective layer in various anodizing baths. However, in contrast to the well-known electroplating, in this case it is uncoated and its protective layer is obtained by converting the top metal layer by electrolytic oxidation. This is how it produces a unique anodized color and protects the lower layers from corrosion.

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