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What should I consider when equipping my kitchen with a sink area?

modern kitchen sink and faucet

The sink area is one of the hearts of the kitchen. It is used as a water point, a place to clean dishes, and a waste center at the same time. Therefore, equipment in this area should also be carefully selected. In the following section, you will learn all the features of a modern sink area and how to choose the right sink and faucet.

What are the features of a modern sink area in a kitchen?

Nowadays, the carefully planned sink area allows for multiple functions. Due to intelligent fittings, many different work steps can be carried out conveniently at the sink. Such as washing and chopping food. At the same time, modern kitchen faucets are now equipped with hot water directly from the tap or direct filtered water. If you have children, you will be pleased with the sensor-controlled fittings. The waste system in modern kitchen sink cabinets also plays a big role in kitchen work.

waste system in modern kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks and fittings: regarding kitchen style

You can choose the sink and faucet that matches the style of your kitchen. Stainless steel sinks and fittings are timelessly beautiful and they suit any style of kitchen, whether classic or modern.

Stainless steel sinks and fittings
Stainless steel sinks and fittings

Due to their rather warm look, granite or ceramic sinks are suitable for country kitchens. Rounded edges and rounded and fluted draining boards accentuate the natural style. Additional sinks have a particularly nostalgic effect. For fittings, it is recommended to use granite or ceramic colors as well as brass, bronze, or copper designs.

ceramic sinks for kitchen
ceramic sinks for kitchen

The angular sink model combined with simple fittings is ideal for modern kitchens. Visually reduced sinks with smooth drainage surfaces give a linear look to the kitchen, especially when the sink is mounted flush with the surface. Eye-catching, overlaying built-in sinks are also suitable. Functional faucets with shower hoses and sink fittings ensure a comfortable kitchen and make everyday kitchen tasks easier.

angular sink for kitchen

Checklist for buying sink and kitchen faucet

Planning your kitchen is not just about finding the right kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances. You should also consider the sink area. After all, you will be spending about 70 percent of your time in the kitchen.

types of different kitchen sinks

So, when you’re planning to install a new sink and faucet in your kitchen, please consider these eight¬†questions.

What shape should your built-in sink have in the kitchen?

  • sink without drain board
  • built-in sink with drainer
  • single sink
  • double sink
  • corner sink

Would you like a specific material for your kitchen faucet?

  • stainless steel
  • chrome
  • brass
  • copper
  • ceramic or granite paint (composite)

Are there specific requirements regarding the installation of the kitchen sink?

  • Classic built-in sink (raised rim)
  • Flush sink
  • Undermount sink
  • Sink module/countertop basin
  • Sink integrated into the countertops

Do you need specific sink fittings?

  • leftover basin
  • garbage collection point
  • cutting board
  • dish rack
  • colander

What material should your new sink be made of?

  • stainless steel
  • pottery
  • granite (composite)

How do you want to operate the faucet?

  • single lever mixer
  • two-lever mixer
  • Sensor-controlled faucet

Should your kitchen faucet have certain functions?

  • standard fitting
  • Semi-professional faucet with the spray hose
  • front window fitting
  • sensor fitting
  • filter fitting
  • hot water faucet

Do you have two water connections (hot/cold) or one?

  • high pressure
  • low pressure

Manufacturers of kitchen faucets and sinks: brand quality is important

If you want your kitchen sinks and faucets to work for a long time, you should pay attention to quality when you buy them. You should buy branded products rather than no-name products. For example, Parlun is known for its high-quality ceramic sinks and stainless steel fittings. We offer granite sinks in many colors, sinks made of stainless steel and ceramic, and kitchen fittings in matching colors.

How much does a kitchen sink and faucet cost?

How much you will pay for a new built-in sink depends on everything from materials, sink size, number of bowls, equipment, or brand.

In the European region, a simple stainless steel kitchen sink costs only 50 euros, a granite sink about 100 euros, and a ceramic sink about 200 euros. While stainless steel sinks are the cheapest, special premium versions can also cost more than 500 euros. Especially ceramic sinks can range in price up to 1,000 euros.

The price of a kitchen faucet depends not only on the material and brand but also on the type of faucet and its function. In Europe, for example, you can get a standard kitchen fitting for around 50 euros. Professional faucets with hose nozzles are more comfortable, but the price quickly rises to more than 200 euros. Kitchen faucets with special features, such as the ability to filter water, are more expensive.

kitchen cabinet from China

At Parlun, we offer affordable kitchen fittings and sinks from China, as well as custom kitchens that include a fully equipped sink area. If you have any ideas, please consult our experts and we will give you advice on choosing kitchen sinks and faucets and give you the lowest quote.

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