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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows

Aluminum is used in many fields and is a very popular material in modern times – its light weight and material properties. Another point is that in the past, the thermal insulation efficiency of aluminum windows was low, and with the continuous development and improvement of production technology, this situation has changed – using high-quality glass. Thus, aluminum windows are undoubtedly the main competitors of wooden or plastic windows. Although it is more expensive, its advantages go far beyond that.

Maintenance of aluminum windows

Aluminium Windows Are Durable And Easy To Maintain

Aluminium windows are extremely durable: the material used is malleable and virtually impervious to any weather. If you want to save more labor and money, then aluminum windows are your best choice. It has different coatings that make it widely available.

In addition, although about 95% of old aluminum windows can be recycled and reused, the production of aluminum windows is also very energy-intensive, which is not as conducive to ecological balance as wooden windows.

advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum Windows

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aluminum Windows



Thermal insulation not optimal


Most expensive window frame material





Low maintenance, easy to care for


The prices of aluminum windows

Compare Aluminum Window Prices

High-quality aluminum windows with good thermal insulation are more expensive than wooden or plastic windows of the same U-value rating. Aluminium windows with a Uw value of 1.1 and triple glazing start from around 300 dollars, which is the smallest window size available online. The larger the size of the aluminum window, the higher the price. In addition to the higher price of aluminum windows, it also has the advantage that they will not get wet easily – the wet surroundings can greatly affect the mood.

The window price in column 2 refers to the window with triple insulating glass, the U-value is 0.95W/(m2K), and g=60%. Column 3 shows the minimum standard window price according to Energy Saving Ordinance: where the U value is 1.3W/(m2K) and g=60%. The size of the windows is 1.3*1.3 meters.


Window price 3 glass

Window price 2 glass

Plastic windows



Aluminium windows



Wooden window



Wood and aluminium windows



Different window frame materials

With Aluminum Windows, You Should Pay More Attention To Thermal Conductivity

The deciding factor in choosing an aluminum window is the heat transfer coefficient, or “U-value.” This indicates the thermal permeability of the window. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation of the window.

For a long time, aluminum windows have been mainly made of one-piece aluminum alloy frames. Although some shortcomings of steel windows are solved, the profile itself is a metal material, which conducts heat and cold quickly, so the U-value of aluminum windows is worse than that of plastic windows or wooden windows. However, with the development of manufacturing processes, this situation has improved. The inner and outer aluminum shells are separated from each other by an insulating core, and the U-value of the aluminum window is greatly improved.

However, the U-value (Uf) of the window frame is not the only thing that matters. The glazing (Ug value) is also important. By using triple glazing, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum frame is reduced. The overall Uw value (U value of the entire window) for modern aluminum windows is 0.9-1.3, which exceeds the corresponding Energy Saving Ordinance. When insulating and renovating, in addition to complying with the regulations, it is also necessary to take into account the harmony of the overall appearance of the residential building. In this way, aluminium windows are well suited as a solution to the overall concept.

When discussing with an experienced window manufacturer, it should be clear whether aluminum windows are suitable replacements for other window types.

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