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Kitchen faucet: what should I consider when choosing?

modern kitchen faucet

Today, a faucet is more than just a part of the sink. Faucets can be a functional and visual upgrade to the sink and the entire kitchen. But what do you need to consider when choosing a faucet?

Adaptation to local conditions

First of all, the choice of kitchen faucet is not only in the design, it is important that Figure out the following issues beforehand.

  • Water connections
  • Type of connection

High or low pressure?

If your apartment or house has a central hot water supply or instantaneous water heater to which the fittings can be connected directly, then you will need a high-pressure fitting with two connections (hot and cold).

Tip: High-pressure connectors are the general standard.

However, if your water connection is made through a boiler or storage tank, then a low-pressure fitting is essential. This is still the case today, especially in older buildings. This low-pressure connection has three connections and a shut-off valve. Cold water is led to the boiler and heated when hot water is needed.

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