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What is 30×30 window?

30x30 window

30×30 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

30x30 cm window

Windows from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can adjust and optimize your 30x30cm window at a transparent price.

  • Less heat loss thanks to good insulation
  • Different colors and design variants
  • High security and stability
  • Available with laminated safety glass (VSG)
  • Ideal as a basement window or bathroom window

Small but delicate – the window size is 30x30cm

The 300x300mm window is one of the smallest window dimensions we produce and is only possible as fixed glazing for indoor use. The minimum width for plastic windows with fixed glazing is 350mm. However, the small size of the window does not detract from its popularity, as it is perfect for letting in a little more daylight, even in the smallest spaces. Since a sash frame would take away too much of the already small glass area, the window is usually only available as fixed glazing. However, if the mini window is used in inaccessible places, this is hardly a disadvantage.

Minimum dimensions (width and height) for different profile systems


Window profile

Opening type

Width x height

Aluminum window

Mb-45 to mb-86


300 x 300 mm

Aluminum window



450 x 500 mm

Plastic windows

Needle 5


350 x 210 mm

Plastic windows

Needle 5


360 x 395 mm

Plastic windows

Ideal 4000


400 x 400 mm

Wooden window

Soft line 68


330 x 350 mm


Order high-quality windows cheaply from Parlun

window factory

High quality at attractive prices. Contact us for online ordering of windows from Parlun! For decades, we have focused on high standards and innovations in window construction, ensuring consistently high-quality control through optimized work processes. At the same time, costs remain low thanks to the large-scale production of up to 2,000 windows per day.

A well-developed delivery network enables fast and reliable delivery of windows from China. This saves time and costs.

Just contact us for an overview of all possible fittings and put together your window from the comfort of your home or work.

Small windows with a width of 30 cm suitable for every building situation

bathroom window

The window size of 30×30 cm is probably one of the smallest windows. It is often used for small chambers, passageways, or toilets to create rich light.

The small window is usually attached high up on the walls to protect against prying eyes. It is often installed as a fixed element as a chamber window since the already small window would allow less light through a profile frame. It is usually placed high in the bathroom to provide an excellent light incidence.

The window width of 30 cm can still be combined with other window heights. High windows with a short window width can often be found in the closets and bathrooms of old buildings.


Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]


30 x 30

300 x 300


30 x 40

300 x 400


30 x 50

300 x 500


30 x 60

300 x 600


30 x 70

300 x 700


30 x 80

300 x 800


30 x 90

300 x 900


Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]


30 x 100

300 x 1000


30 x 110

300 x 1100


30 x 120

300 x 1200


30 x 130

300 x 1300


30 x 140

300 x 1400


30 x 150

300 x 1500


30 x 160

300 x 1600

Frequently asked questions about the 30×30 cm window format

windows from China

How much does a small window 30×30 cm cost?

The window price does not only depend on the size. The material, profile system, glazing, and additional equipment influence the final price. You can contact us for more detailed explanations of the price composition.

What are opening types possible for 30×30 cm windows?

Due to the small window size, only fixed glazing is possible. A turning function is possible with the profile system from 360 x 395 mm (width x height). The minimum possible dimensions of the opening types can be found in our table of minimum dimensions.

Which material is suitable for 30×30 cm windows?

Only aluminum is available as a material for the small window size of 300×300 mm (width x height). Wooden windows are possible from 330 x 350 mm and plastic windows from 350 x 210 mm.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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