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What is 100×80 window?

100x80 window

100×80 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

100x80 cm windows

Windows measuring 100 x 80 centimeters from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can optimize everything according to your ideas with transparent prices.

  • Individually configurable
  • High quality for long-lasting enjoyment
  • Optional safety glass
  • Quality fittings
  • Security fittings of resistance class 

All possibilities with the window size 100×80 cm

With the 1000×800 mm window, all your wishes can be realized! The middle window can be used in many different rooms and adapted in design and function. For example, privacy can be secured with a bathroom window with decorative glass; additional security fittings can support burglary protection of a basement window, or comfort in the living room can be increased with an electrical control system. An individual design with attractive colors and accessories also gives the window a special feeling.

More safety and comfort with the window size 100×80 cm

The security of a window lies in its hardware! Many burglars try to get into the house through the window.

Various tools and methods are used to avoid noise to open the handle, lever out the sash, or overcome the fitting. The modern window fitting from Parlun makes life difficult for thieves.

Special safety mushroom-head pins prevent the sash from being levered out by anchoring it firmly to the frame when closed. Optionally, installing anti-drill protection is possible, protecting against drilling and external twisting of the handle.

The fittings themselves meet high-quality requirements and offer excellent stability, through which even large window sashes can be supported. In addition, they provide a high degree of operating comfort so that the operation of the window remains comfortable and easy even with continuous use.

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Window 100×80 cm: Popular size as a stable window

Agricultural operations and animal husbandry must increasingly meet the requirements of livestock and animal welfare. To do this, old systems and windows have to be replaced entirely. Old metal windows are easy to clean, but they hardly have any heat-insulating properties for the animal.

Plastic windows offer an optimal alternative. A natural and cozy atmosphere is also created for the animals with wooden windows. Either way, both window types provide a wide range of design options and different ways of operating the window. Everything from the turn, tilt, and turn-tilt windows comes into use.

In addition to the heat-insulating properties of the windows, animals should be supplied with sufficient light and air. For this purpose, narrow window profiles can be configured to provide a large glass surface. Suitable tilt and turn windows can ensure the barn climate and air circulation. The stable window in the 100×80 cm format is a standard size for animal farms and is available at Parlun.

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Frequently asked questions about windows in 100×80 cm

How much is a 100×80 cm window?

For an exact cost, you should consider many factors. The price usually depends on the window conditions and other essential details. Contact us to design your dream window and get a quote quickly.

Which glazing is possible for my 100×80 cm window?

The choice of glazing depends on your intentions. We have everything in our range, from thermal and sound insulation to burglary protection glazing and ornamental glazing. Combined with multiple glazing of two to four panes, you can put together the right window for yourself.

Which material is best suited for the window dimensions 100×80 cm?

The choice of material depends very much on your needs. The most common material for window profiles is the plastic window. It is cheaper than other materials and can provide you with a wide range of additional value. Nevertheless, our wooden, aluminum, wood-aluminum, and steel windows offer plenty of scope for other purposes.

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