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What is 75×100 window?

75x100 window

75×100 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

75x100 cm window

Windows from Parlun are characterized by high quality and attractive price performance. With us, you can easily and conveniently customize your 75×100 cm window from the comfort of your own home and receive exact price information at the same time.

  • Effective thermal insulation through insulating glazing
  • Large selection of colors
  • Soundproof glass available
  • Individual configuration of the product

The window for every purpose

The 75×100 cm window is an all-rounder. Depending on the desire of each buyer, it can be used for any purpose. At Parlun, you can adapt the window perfectly to your preference. Design, security, sustainability, and much more – try it out and create the window tailored to your needs.

Customized at an ideal price-performance ratio

Humanity is characterized by its uniqueness. Everyone has different needs, preferences, and habits. Everyone lives differently, and it is essential to preserve these peculiarities. This uniqueness is often implemented in one’s style.

We offer you custom-made products in any shape, size, and texture. Design your window according to your needs, whether for refurbishment, renovation, a unique room layout, personal taste, extraordinary light incidence, or ventilation.

The close cooperation with many first-class manufacturers of plastic windows and doors in China enables us to provide products with an ideal price-performance ratio. Parlun is revolutionizing the market, and its constant development ensures that this revolution never stagnates. With the help of state-of-the-art technologies, it is possible to offer high-quality, custom-made windows at a low price.

Window with a width of 75 cm suitable for every construction situation

75x100 cm bathroom window

The 75×100 cm window size is one of the upright window formats and is a trendy size. It is available in all materials from our range and can be designed according to your needs. It is repeatedly used in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and children’s rooms. The 75×100 cm format is preferably used as a plastic window with a tilt and turn opening. Various design options and accessories can be included.

Do you need the window width of 75cm with an alternative window height? No problem! We have listed the window width as 75 cm in combination with other window heights. Contact us for more window size information.


Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]


75 x 30

750 x 300


75 x 40

750 x 400


75 x 60

750 x 600


75 x 70

750 x 700


75 x 80

750 x 800


75 x 90

750 x 900


75 x 100

750 x 1000


Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]


75 x 110

750 x 1100


75 x 120

750 x 1200


75 x 130

750 x 1300


75 x 140

750 x 1400


75 x 150

750 x 1500


75 x 160

750 x 1600


75 x 170

750 x 1700


Frequently asked questions about window size 75×100 cm

windows from China

How much is a 75x100cm window?

The window costs are made up of many components, such as the glazing surface, the profile system, the accessories, and the glazing type. You can find detailed explanations of the price composition in our window costs.

What accessories can I get for my window size 75×100 cm?

You can equip your window with many other accessories. You can choose suitable accessories from roller shutters to insect protection, ventilation systems, door handles, window sills, etc.

What colors can I use to design my 75×100 cm window?

There is a wide range of decorative films for plastic windows. The RAL color palette is also available as a powder coating for wooden, aluminum, and steel windows. Tinting with glazes is also often used for wooden windows. Still, other users paint their windows with the color of their choice.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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