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What is 200×100 window?

200x100 window

200×100 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

200x100 cm windows

Windows measuring 200 x 100 centimeters from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can optimize everything according to your ideas with transparent prices with us.

  • A variety of designs and opening types
  • Frame profiles of different installation depths
  • Various individual designs
  • Excellent insulating glass with a thermal layer
  • High-quality fittings

Wide window 200×100 cm – Versatile in opening type and design

Various variants and opening types are possible for the wide window front 2000×1000 mm. The window can be configured as a single-sash tilting window, double-sash with a mullion, or three-sash window in various combinations. In addition, all variants can be individualized with decorative design elements such as glazing bars. Create bright and friendly rooms for yourself and start comparing prices at Parlun.

Save energy and reduce heating costs

You like to be comfortably warm in your home in winter, but the high heating costs can quickly make you shiver again.

Anyone who saves valuable thermal energy can not only relieve their wallet but also do something for the environment. Since a large amount of heat is lost through the windows, this is a good starting point for upgrading measures.

Even double glazing with modern insulating glass can significantly improve compared to old windows.

This is due to the special coating of the thermal glass, which, combined with the large gap between the panes and the inert gas filling, minimizes the heat emission of the window. Even better insulation can be achieved with triple glazing. This is particularly efficient when combined with an appropriate frame profile, such as plastic or aluminum profiles. Further improvements are also possible by using a warm edge in the frame assembly.

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Frequently asked questions about window dimensions 200×100 cm

Which material can I choose for the window format 200×100 cm?

We offer many material types to choose from. With Parlun, you will find plastic, wood, aluminum, steel, and wood-aluminum windows. Plastic windows are probably the most popular window material. These enable a wide range of features at a reasonable price.

Which glazing can I choose for the window format 200×100 cm?

There are many variations of glazing. With Parlun, you can choose between double glazing, triple glazing, and even quadruple glazing. You can also combine sound insulation, safety, ornamental, and heat insulation glasses.

What type of opening is possible for my 200×100 cm window?

Numerous opening types for windows can be configured. The choice of the opening type also depends on the window size. Everything is possible for plastic windows, from tilting, turning, and folding to sliding windows. A combination of two different opening types is also possible. We recommend fixed windows with a large glass surface for a broad panoramic view.

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