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What is 80×40 window?

80x40 window

80×40 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

80x40 cm window

Windows in 80×40 centimeters from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can optimize everything according to your needs with transparent prices.

  • Large selection of materials in plastic, wood, and aluminum
  • Versatile, functional glazing
  • Optional accessories such as roller shutters
  • Often used as garage or basement windows
  • More safety and comfort with quality fittings 

The wide and flat window for more light in the dark

The small window size 800×400 is ideal as a garage window or basement window. Due to the relatively long width and flat height, it can also be installed in your basement. The window format can be designed with a tilting function or fixed glazing with the single-sash variant. In combination with a plastic profile in the color of your choice, the wide-format allows enough light for your basement so that you can even use it as a living space.

Basement window for optimal burglary protection

basement window

The basement room is often used as a storage room in many households because it offers a lot of space for storing goods. It is therefore essential for homeowners to adequately protect their homes. However, the easily accessible basement windows are a popular entry for burglars. But don’t worry! Window technology has developed in burglary protection and offers you optimal solutions.

The basement window is often designed with laminated safety glass. The glass panes are joined together with a tear-resistant and tough-elastic film with VSG glazing, thus improving burglary protection. The glazing and the window profile protect using high-quality fittings and mushroom caps. Sometimes a lattice is also installed in front of the basement window.

The variety of colors from one palette

window colors

The small window size of 80×40 cm still needs its finishing touches, and the right window color is necessary for this. No problem! No matter what material your window profile is made of, you will find a wide range of colors with us. You can choose from various colors, from high-performance films to powder coatings and paint finishes. Especially popular is the window 80×40 cm in anthracite and different brown shades.

Frequently asked questions about window dimensions 80×40 cm

How much is a window size of 80×40 cm?

The cost of your window is calculated from many elements. The size and accessories, and window function should be taken into account. See our window costs for a detailed explanation.

Which window opening works with the 800×400 cm format?

Only the fixed, fixed sash, and tilt opening types are possible for single-sash windows. Only the fixed and fixed sash opening types are possible as a double-sash window.

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