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What is 200×200 window?

200x200 window

200×200 cm window Excellent quality at reasonable prices

200x200 cm window

Windows measuring 200 x 200 centimeters from Parlun impress with their high quality and attractive price performance. You can contact us to optimize everything according to your ideas with a transparent price.

  • High stability and security
  • Individual design and configuration
  • Versatile glazing
  • High-quality fittings
  • Can be combined with a matching balcony door or terrace door in 2mx2m

Large panoramic window 200×200 cm

The large floor-to-ceiling window 2000×2000 mm for maximum light enjoyment is a real eye-opener for every room. It offers an unbeatable view of the garden or countryside and signals a strong connection with the environment. But even those who want more privacy can enjoy the convenience of large panoramic windows – through the use of decorative glass or smart glass with switchable transparency.

Maximum glazing surfaces for large windows

The dimension of the maximum glazing surface depends on various factors such as wind load, ambient temperature, or height above sea level. Not all glazing options are feasible for a 4m² glass surface in one piece. In the case of large glazing for balconies or sliding doors, it is also advisable to use toughened safety glass (ESG) to protect people. ESG glass has increased shock and impact resistance compared to normal flat glass. Due to the greater thickness, a large glazing surface is more expensive than standard glazing. A cost-effective alternative is dividing the glass surface using multi-leaf elements or a transom (transverse beam).

Tempered safety glass for windows

Glass thickness [mm]

Spacer [mm]

Structure of panes [mm]

Glazing thickness [mm]

Maximum glazing [m²]



4 / 16 / 4





6 / 12 / 6





6 / 16 / 6





4 / 14 / 4 / 14 / 4





6 / 12 / 4 / 12 / 6





6 / 16 / 4 / 16 / 6



All data is provided without guarantee of completeness, correctness, and up-to-dateness. The calculation of the maximum glazing surface depends on various factors such as the profile system, wind load, ambient temperature, and height above sea level. We will make you an individual offer for windows and doors with large glazing surfaces.

Window 2000×2000 mm in different materials

Windows material

Free choice of glazing for maximum comfort

Once the window dimensions of 2m x 2m and the frame material have been determined, choosing suitable glazing is one of the most important decisions when buying a window. Because glass is not just glass, the glazing type and thickness significantly influence the function and usability of the window.

For optimal thermal insulation, you can choose between double, triple, and quadruple glazing. All have excellent thermal insulation due to insulating glass and spaces filled with inert gas.

Safety glazing with toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass is always in demand and can be tailored to your needs in various strengths and combinations. Decorative glass, which offers greater privacy, is also popular. You can discover all the options and compare the prices at Parlun.

Large panoramic windows with 2m width

Panoramic windows are among the most popular window types for modern construction elements. They allow not only a breathtaking view but also bright and light-flooded rooms.

Due to the large glass surfaces, panoramic windows must have a remarkably stable profile. Full frame reinforcement is recommended for plastic windows. The materials of aluminum or steel are also recommended. Not only because they are particularly robust and can withstand large glass elements but also because of their modern and timeless look.

The design of the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows allows for the installation of French doors. Combined with large sliding doors, your house will get a unique appearance.

floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows


Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]






















Balcony door with a great view!

Large windows also require large balconies and terrace doors. The appearance of balcony doors can correspond to the windows and is hardly noticeable.

Sliding doors can be combined well with panoramic windows. They do not take up space when opened and allow easy access to the outside. Our customers like to order balcony doors in the window size 200×200 cm as double-leaf balcony doors without a central post.

Terrace doors with double leaves can also be configured. There are many ways to design your terrace door. For example, roller shutters are trendy. A roller shutter provides double wind protection for large glass structures.

But don’t think that large windows and doors provide less protection. The elements can be equipped with proven locking systems, security glazing, and fittings.

Frequently asked questions about window size 200×200 cm

What are opening types possible for 200×200 cm windows?

As a single-leaf element, only fixed glazing is possible. With two or more sashes with a center mullion, more opening types are possible, such as a turn, turn-tilt, or slide function.

Which glazing is recommended for a 200×200 cm window?

For full-surface glazing of 200×200 cm, a glass structure with thicker glass panes is necessary. It is also recommended to use toughened safety glass (ESG) to protect people. If several wings separate the surface, standard glazing is possible. The maximum possible values of the glass structure can be found in our glazing table.

Should I choose a 200×200 cm window with a front or center mullion?

Both opening types have their advantages and disadvantages. The construction of a window with a center mullion is more stable, and both sashes can be opened separately. On the other hand, the front mullion window has the advantage that no center mullion disturbs the view when the window is open.

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