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The wooden kitchen styles- whatever modern or rustic

Wooden Kitchen cabinet Styles

Wood is a versatile material with many faces. The wooden kitchen is versatile because kitchen cabinets made of wood allow a lot of design freedom when planning the kitchen. But regardless of whether the plan is rustic or modern – wooden kitchens always radiate coziness. You can find out here which styles the wooden kitchen goes with.


Due to their warm, cozy, and natural appearance, wooden kitchens are particularly suitable for the country house style and rustic kitchen concepts. Wood is also the first choice for nostalgic, shabby, chic, and vintage kitchens. However, that era is over when the wooden kitchen was equated with a country house kitchen. Nowadays, wood has been used as a material for all styles.

Thanks to the large selection of woods, colors, and unique surface treatments, everything is possible, from the rustic country house kitchen to the handleless, modern kitchen cabinets made of solid wood. In addition, the wooden kitchen can be planned to fit all kitchen shapes and sizes, whether as a single-line, small wooden kitchen, or a large kitchen with a cooking island.

modern wooden kitchen cabinets

Since wood harmonizes well with other materials such as stainless steel, glass, or plastic with a high-gloss finish, there are many possible combinations. This results in exciting kitchen concepts. For example, trendy woods are also popular in creating modern kitchens in a puristic style.

Styles of wooden kitchen cabinets


How can a particular kitchen style be created with wood, and what effect do wooden kitchens have? Which materials, kitchen splashbacks, wall colors, or floors can be combined with wooden kitchens? The following description shows how great the variety is in wooden kitchens and should serve as inspiration.

Country style wooden kitchen cabinets

Country style wooden kitchen cabinets

Wood is particularly suitable for the country house style. Framed wooden fronts or antique handles provide rural charm. For example, tiles or mosaics can be combined well with a wooden kitchen in a country house style, which reinforces the rustic charm.

Modern wooden kitchen cabinets

Modern wooden kitchen cabinets

In modern, handleless wooden kitchens or designer kitchens, trendy woods such as oak or walnut are combined with other surface materials. Colored high-gloss fronts in gray, for example, represent an excellent contrast to the warm wood tone. For a more puristic spatial effect, you can use simple laminate or vinyl floors in the non-gray or non-white. And for more warmth and comfort, wooden floors are ideal.

Classic wooden kitchen cabinets

Classic wooden kitchen cabinets

The classic wooden kitchen cabinet is relatively down-to-earth and straightforward. For example, instead of a wooden worktop, a kitchen worktop made of stone and a kitchen splashback with the desired decor provide more liveliness. A counter or a dining area can also be easily implemented in the natural wood kitchen.

Rustic wooden kitchen cabinets

Rustic wooden kitchen cabinets

Rustic wooden kitchen cabinets are also available in a modern look. There are no limits to the design possibilities. Wooden fronts with a rustic look and expressive grain can be combined with other materials. A black stone worktop, for example, provides an effective framing and floating kitchen cabinets for a modern style.

White wooden kitchen cabinets

White wooden kitchen cabinets

White wooden kitchen cabinets make the room look airy and popular both as a modern kitchen and a country kitchen. Which wall color goes with the light wooden kitchen? So that the white kitchen comes into its own and the room does not appear too sterile, dark colors and shades of brown or even expressive colors such as orange are ideal.

Black wooden kitchen cabinets

Black wooden kitchen cabinets

A black lacquered wooden kitchen can create an exciting contrast to the kitchen. The prerequisite for this is a light floor and a white wall. For example, a light worktop in a different wood tone makes the black kitchen more friendly.

Colored wooden kitchen cabinets

Colored wooden kitchen cabinets

Color is welcome in the kitchen and possible in wooden kitchens: from simple gray and brown tones to green tones such as sage green to wooden kitchens in expressive colors such as blue or red. It is up to the customer to decide whether the grain should be visible or not.


The natural wood can be refined and optically changed using various surface treatment strategies.

The high gloss wood kitchen cabinet, also available as a wooden kitchen, has developed as a resounding trend in the kitchen industry. The natural wood is varnished in a complex process and gives a trendy and elegant shine, whereby the look and grain of the wood still shine through.

high gloss wood kitchen cabinet

This is different; for example, with modern technology, the wood is entirely coated by a homogeneous, matt, or high-gloss layer of colored lacquer. The brushed lacquer technique is another popular surface treatment, especially in fancy country kitchens with coffered fronts. The special effect is achieved by repeated brushing and sanding.

The tried and tested staining technique can achieve exciting contrasts or intensification and distortion of the natural wood color tone. Color gimmicks with the same wood look and grain are possible by tinting the wood.

When brushing, a soft metal brush is used and stroked over the wood in the direction of the grain. The wood that has been processed in this way is then given the typical brushed structure and the desired ancient character through a white lime paste that penetrates the grooves.

antique look wooden kitchen cabinets

For similar reasons, the antique look is popular in wooden kitchens. The popular shabby chic can be achieved using various processes such as varnishing, brushing, staining, or several techniques. Here it is essential to rely on the competent advice of the solid wood kitchen professionals, to select the right kitchen fronts and the best processing together. At Parlun, you can buy the affordable wooden kitchen cabinets from China easily.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

With the help of the so-called thermal wood process, the properties of wood are changed. The desired properties can be set at high temperatures. Thermally treated wood is ideal for use in a wooden kitchen because it is durable and can withstand moisture much better than untreated wood. The optical advantages: Any desired color gradation can be adjusted explicitly in the thermal process, and these changes are uniform and homogeneous throughout the wood cross-section.

Organic oil and beeswax are usually applied to the wood in several steps to refine wooden kitchen cabinets, giving the kitchen a velvety surface that is also very pleasant to touch. The materials used here are 100% natural and harmless to health and the environment. All surface treatments of the wooden kitchen are subject to strict requirements and controls.

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